Saturday, March 19, 2016

Animal Crackers - What a Difference a Week Makes...

Howdy -

This week has been very loud here... baby chicks love to chat. That makes Libbie bark. Then we moved the baby boy goats out of the main pen into the "Frat" pen. Man that was really LOUD. All three boys calling to their Mom's and then the Mom's calling back to them. After a day or two things got a little quieter, but Uno... that boy still is calling out to his Mom. In fact he has lost his voice from yelling so much and now just makes this squeeking scratchy voice. Just so sad to hear.

I always worry about putting baby boys in with more grown up guys. Sometimes things can get a bit rough finding out who is the toughest guy in the yard. But Doc, Wyatt and Spartacus have been just fabulous with their little 1/2 brothers.

But seriously with a face like this how could you be a fighter?

Total sweetheart here! Really need to get him some sort of barrette though... LOL

Centavo is the most independent of the baby boys. But that come from the fact his Mom isn't a controlling care giver. But he is a cutie!

Even with a cobweb on his face...

Uno really is a stunner. Even if he is a Momma's boy. He always looks like he is grinning to me. Such striking coloring. 

Too handsome. And then there is little Luna - still the smallest of the three, but stands his own with his brothers.

His eyes just melt you...

And the chicks... WOW WOW WOW They have grown SO much in just a week. And their feathers are already coming in!

They have moved into a larger home this week. Mainly due to the fact they were already trying to flap their wings and scare me. I just knew they would get out of their box. But now we have a water trough in our spare bedroom! LOL Lots of room for them to run around and much higher sides. They love the vintage tire ash tray I put in for them to perch on.

This one was really interested in that large black object I lowered down and snapped, now the flash, that caused quite a stirring!

Now I have two little ones that have become special to me. First is Wings. Now not sure if you remember I went last week to get chicks and really really really wanted some Frizzle chicks. But they sold out before I got there. Now we ended up getting a few Bantams. But we are thinking that this little one with the very very different wings coming in just might be a surprise Frizzle. Oh I hope so!!

Gotta love those wild wings!!

 She is the only one that her wings coming in are more like the Flying Nun than fitting close to her little body. She is a tiny thing too!

Then there is "Spot". Has been special since the first day.

 Has a dot on the top of her head and was the smallest of them all. Well she has given a little worry this week as she has had trouble keeping her balance and gets bull dozed by all the other chicks. And when they knock her over, she really has a hard time getting back up right and up again. She is doing a little better... but still worry about this little one. I do hope she will make it.

And we are are still watching Bella and her VERY wide belly. Thought maybe this week was her time. But nope she still isn't ready to deliver. I do hope she does it soon!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - hug something furry!
HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

I love the cute boys. Those blue eyes, swoon! I love Doc's hairdo. ;) Chicks sure grow fast. Hoping you did get a surprise frizzle.