Saturday, September 3, 2016

Animal Crackers - A few more in the Sunset!

Howdy -

I had so many fun photographs last week I just had to share a few more of them. I love this one of Pepita….

She is such a beautiful girl. We are so thrilled to have a girl that looks just like her Daddy Black Jack. That gorgeous black velvet nose! And those FABULOUS Long Ears!

Macie was gorgeous with the sun setting behind her…

This girl has the largest big brown eyes. Beautiful lady - And so sweet.

Victoria was one of the last to come up for attention… told her to hurry up as the sun was setting…

She is a pretty girl, not the shining white pretty girl she normally is, as she was a dirty mess. I think she had enjoyed a good roll in the dirt or possibly mud! LOL

Looks like Vera was deep in thought - Not sure how much or how intelligent a goat is in deep thought… but she was seriously in though about something.  Or Half Asleep…??

Maybe it was the talk I had with her that she needed to be a little more friendly and when it comes time end of the month to choose girls to breed, this time if chosen she stays in the pen and doesn't find a way over, under or through the fence. I have tried to breed her twice! And both times she found ways out!! I really want that grey line to find some babies!

Now one last photo I took just before typing up this weeks post - This is my baby boy Autie…

In his place of choice.. under my chair. He gets right under my chair, I can't move an inch once he gets under my computer desk and chair. So here I still sit, no movement…. listening to the constant sound of his manly little snore…. soothing in some way. Love my baby.

Hope you have a little fur baby soothing you with a little snore too. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend.

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Well now, where has the weekend gone? I have been crazy busy and getting nothing done. :( Love stopping to see all your sweet fur-babies. Have a fun Labor Day