Saturday, September 10, 2016

Animal Crackers - Here's Looking at You Kid….

Howdy -

Yesterday morning I went out to chat with the lady goats for a bit. Now many were still finishing up their breakfast and were not interested in me, but a few had already claimed the best lounging spots and said hello….

Our old lady Paintbrush was in her favorite shack stretched out enjoying the morning breeze before it the temps got to hot.

Should I tell her she is wearing a piece of her breakfast in her beard? No… that might embarrass her, she might just be saving that for later right? Love this lady to pieces… She sure has given up some stunning babies over the years… she is retired now, we are praying we have years to keep on hugging on her. She loves hugs BTW….

Found Alice just walking away from breakfast… actually with a bite still being chomped on as she was waddling away.

She is a looker, isn't she… black with the spots of white and those fabulous ice blue eyes.

Then there is her 1/2 sister Gracie… just the opposite but just a stunning of a beauty!

White with the spots of black and those same baby blues! Gracie has always been a bit stand offish, not super friendly, but she is getting so much better. She really wants the attention and is almost there for letting us love all over her. After I snapped this photo I actually got to pet the end of her nose and have a close chat with her.

No worries of not getting to pet on on this gal… Miss Lizzie is one of the super obnoxious friendly girls. I snapped this photo of her chillin' in the shade and then in 1/2 a second she was out and jumping up on me for a little head scratching.

Then I had to pay constant attention while trying to move around and keep taking a few photos. Pushy… but totally adored and loved.

Louise is another that really wants the total attention but just can't quite bring herself to let you… I get a nose rub…  maybe a scratch between the horns and then she backs up.

Funny how their personalities are so different. Her twin Thelma (who looks exactly like Lizzie) Thelma is more of lap goat, and total attention hog.. LOL

Then there is goats like Jennifer. I don't' think she has allowed us to pet her once since very long after she was weaned. Nope a loner, and very rude I think. But she is family so what can you do?

I would love to blame her for the condition of that igloo she is in. But I was a combination of many of the goats. Incase I haven't said it before… goats are very destructive creatures.

The Dogloo's are the best huts we have found for them. They last the longest without damage… but once in a while one hut will give in to the abuse. They have lots of horn rubbing and just give in to the power of these ladies…. This hut will be dumpstered shortly I am sure… Nothing last forever I suppose.

One more photo… found one of the Guinea's has taken up a dogloo for herself….

 We pick up Guinea eggs everywhere in the goat pen. They lay them wherever and whenever they want. But once in a while they start a stash to sit on. Now they will never hatch as we have no "boy" for them. But this Guinea tries her best to raise up some little chicks. We really need to find her a man and let her have some babies don't we? She doesn't know it here… but I am going to collection those eggs and try and cook them dry and dye them to decorate with…. A friend did some for me and they are just beautiful. So I want to try myself and see how hard it is to do. I have the Guinea eggs for sure…just need to make the time to actually do it now.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - enjoy some fun with someone furry or feathered! :0)

HUGS and-


TA Carbone said...

I use to do egg art with beads. I used Emu egg shells never did it with smaller ones

Carol Dee said...

Jennifer is stunning, too bad she doesn't want the loving the others do. I can not see the eggs clearly, just wonder what color(s) Guinea fowl eggs are. Hope it is feeling more like fall for you. Temps are cooling down here and nights with a bit of a chill. I LOVE FALL.