Saturday, February 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - Don't you hate when your beard blows in the wind?

Howdy -

Went out yesterday afternoon just as a little cool front was blowing in. And it was BLOWING! Crissy was enjoying the sun, but the wind blown beard was just a little much!

Lol... she was really enjoying the afternoon - She is such a sweet girl. Pretty too :0)

I had a little talk with Louise. You see I am starting to get excited about up coming babies. Louise will be a first time Mom "if" she is pregnant.

I think she is... as she is a loud talker as she goes into season. And since putting her in to breed she has been very quite... oh... fingers crossed!

Abigail is number 2 first time to be breed. Now I will say she is getting much fatter... but I don't like to judge on that subject.

She should have stunning babies. Just hoping she doesn't pass on her stand off personality. We will have to really work with kids of hers I know. But loving on baby goats is more fun than work!

Our last 1st time Mom to be bred this season is Olive Oyl. Now she is a sweetheart and she has such beautiful coloring so hoping babies will be the same. 

Olive Oyl is a bit of a "Daddy's Girl" and he always said he didn't know if he wanted to breed her as he wanted her to always be like a kid... but he thought about it and passing on all of her great traits was just too good to pass on. Oh... I am getting so excited about babies coming! Hope all three are bred and have lots of kids coming!

Love this look on Chloe's face while I was out enjoying all the goats... Afternoon snack and bed?

A bit of look of a grin like I caught her doing something bad... Ha! If you want to chill in hay while snacking - go for it girl!

Goats and their very limber necks always amaze me. Have an Itch? Flip backwards and take care of it!

And if you can't reach it Sandy girl.. those long glorious horns should help out too! Of all our goats. I think Sandy wins hands down for friendliest. She is almost too obnoxiously pushy friendly. But you just have to love her. Raised as a bottle baby - she is and always has been a very loving little girl. Just don't let her see you with a green soda bottle as I recycled one when feeding her and still today years after we stopped bottle feeding her she knows what that green bottle is for!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - Chores around the farm for us. Hopefully Hubby can get his list all done, I am really wanted to start getting the goat pen cleaned up and ready for bouncing kids coming! I think I already say how excited I am about that haven't I?

HUGS and -


Carol Dee said...

BABIES .... Weeeee , I can hardly wait, too~ Those kids are always adorable, so full of energy and mischief. ;)

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

You'll have to let us know how soon we might expect to see some babies! Both goats and donkeys :-)