Saturday, August 4, 2018

Animal Crackers - Rocking the Beard...

Howdy -

So...  Why do some rock the beard and some just don't... ?  I have wondered why do some of the goats have these glorious long lush beards... or "goatee"... LOL I had to "say" it you know...

But really why is it that some goats have these long thick long flowing beards and then others have scraggly little hairs. I guess it is some sort of gene.. cuz I know people are the same right? Some men have great full beards while others can't fill in to look even half of a beard.

Now Crissy ... she totally rocks the beard! That blonde look blowing in the wind.. yes she is a super model for sure. All she needs is a beach and a bikini... ok not the bikini. But this lady has that perfect flowing always looks good beard.

And Jill.. us a little short and whimpy on her beard.

A few skimpy hairs that need some fancy volume shampoo to help make them fuller. Or maybe extensions?

Vera another long luxurious beard, she has some of those coloring stripes in her beard to match all those colors she wears so pretty. 

All in control and always like she is posing for a fashion photo.

Then Sweet pea.. uh.. beard Sweet Pea?

 Nope this little lady has not one long beard hair.. now I guess for most of us ladies that is a good thing, but in the goat world do they make fun of her? I don't know... I wonder?? Is the beard a status in the pen?

And an update of Momma Sweet Pea - she was separated from her boy Domino and it was noisy for a bit. She was ok with it and didn't mind at all until her milk bag was so full and she wanted some relief but Domino that poor baby called out for Mom until he nearly lost his voice! We didn't wean Waylan and Willie at the same time, they were so much smaller that we gave them a couple more weeks with Mom.. but the coming week it will all come to an end and all three boys will be crying for Mom and the milk!

Back to beards... Now Wyatt.. he totally Rocks the Full thick beard!

 But does that count as a Man? LOL

One last beard this week and I thought it had to be our old lady and matriarch of the goats,  Paintbrush.

Long Thick Full and just glorious! I will say that some of the time her beard is a little messy and has breakfast or her last dip in the water bucket... but on a sunny afternoon in a breeze she rocks the beard totally! Even as an old lady!

So a little fun this week with the beards... but seriously 100 degree heat no one wants to pose to much and be cute... so a little fun with a silly post of goat beards was needed! Hope it made you giggle...

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and