Saturday, November 10, 2018

Animal Crackers - Still in Love

Howdy -

 How can you not just adore this face?

This guy is so sweet.. and so friendly. He has made a huge impression on all of here and all are in love with him.. Even Raffie...

Raffie and Alvin have become best buddies... Cracks me up how these two chatter and talk to each other... Ok.. Alvin does most all the chattering and talking. Raffie just listens and nods. LOL

Frankie just grins from his pen a few feet away. 

What am I saying... Frankie grins all the time. He is such a happy old man. Love that face too!

Now we had a cold front come through again this week. It is tough to get use to... 80's ... then 40's... then back up to 80's... then Thursday night again... brrrr!!! Yesterday it was rainy and in the low 50's during the day... Jill well she wasn't giving up her igloo for nothing!

She had it warmed up and she knew if she got out someone else would claim it in seconds! So she popped out said hi... then went right back in. Don't blame you Jill... as soon as I snap a few photos I am going right back in too!

Miss Cocoa was sure full and fluffy -

Amazes me how quick their winter fur comes in and puffs up to keep them warm.

Speaking of Puffed up ... Not a great photo... but I just love how the chicken know how to handle the cold.

Step 1 - puff up , Step 2 - Hunker down... Now they  have huts.. and heat lamps... but nope they are good to puff up and hunker down! LOL But don't worry when that sun goes down and temp drops a bit more... she will be under those heat lamps!

Speaking of Heat Lamps... 

Moxie is LOVING her new bed, and is a toasty little doggie under her heat lamp. Girl won't use a dog house but a few years ago we finally found that if we made her a spot on the porch with a wind barrier she would sleep there at night. And when a could front blows in she stays snug in her bed with a heat lamp above her. And boy she doesn't like it when that lamp goes off during the day and it is time to get out of bed... She is my doggie for sure,  I complain when getting out of bed on cold mornings too! Ok.. all mornings. LOL

Hope you have a blessed weekend.. Hug a Furry or Feathered Friend!
HUGS and


Marilyn said...

Great photos and Alvin is so sweet. I like how every animal is not just an animal but an animal with a story. Nice!

TA Carbone said...

love all the pictures as usual but that 1st one of Alvin looks something like a Lion. Wouldnt you agree

Mrs A. said...

Great collection of photos and tour friends sure are photogenic. Hugs Mrs A.

Carol Dee said...

love the animals grins and puffy chickens. Wish I could do that. It has been COLD here. Only in the 20's to start that day and warming to upper 30's and low 40's/ So NOT ready for winter. 1 inch snow :( Ugh.