Saturday, February 2, 2019

Animal Crackers - Pretty Girls

Howdy -

 This week I was out talking to some of our girls...  Now first up out leading lady, Libbie.

The lady in charge of all things... mostly blind but still our little Queen. Just before I took this photo I had to tell Libbie that life was all good. She heard a noise and when she hears a noise she barks.. and barks. That makes Chica bark, then Autie. And no one wants to be the first to stop barking. So if... if I can get Libbie to stop barking then Chica and Autie will stop too. This is Libbis's look of "But Mom I am just protecting us all!" LOL This little lady is so special - LOVE HER.

I then headed over to Alvin's pen and see the girls living with him. Alice was chillin' on the deck. Enjoying the little bit warmer weather.

Oh I am so hoping and praying that this girl is already bred. Don't you think her and Alvin will have gorgeous babies? Fingers crossed for lots of blue eyed little girls!

And Miss Lizzie was chillin' on the deck under the covering. The little bit of drizzle that was in the air... way to much for this gal so she needed covering. 

Again with Lizzie... I think she should have some beautiful babies with Alvin. All that color! WoW!

I then headed over to Black Jack's pen to talk to the three gals in his pen. First to head over to me was Miss Irene.

I don't think she is real happy in the Black Jack pen this is her first time to be sectioned out of all the girls. I keep telling her she has more food to herself, and some great grass in this pen, and hopefully this time next year she will have a bouncing baby to totally drive her nuts!

And then Jolene headed over, she has given us a couple of stunning babies in the past.

I adore those black velvet noses on both her and Black Jack... and on a new baby that is just absolutely adorable. Can you all tell I am just totally nuts wanting babies around here?? They take so long to get here and grow up too fast! Just really wanting cuddles with a fuzzy baby!

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend, and have some time to cuddle with a fuzzy friend!

HUGS and -

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Carol Dee said...

Oops, got busy and forgot to stop and visit yesterday! So good to see all those lovely ladies, I am crossing my fingers too. I want to see some darling babies this spring. :)