Saturday, December 14, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uh Oh...

Howdy -

 Uh oh... here they come and they think I have treats... I'm in trouble when they find out I don't.

They are funny when they run though. They waddle.. guess I shouldn't laugh I am sure IF I ran I would more than waddle! I am sorry girls just here to snap photos...

These two are my "twins" from different Moms... Thelma and Lizzie.

The only way I can tell these two apart is if I see them straight on. That is Thelma in the lead and then Lizzie is following. It is amazing how much these ladies look alike. Just that slight difference in the white on their forehead. Born months apart and different Mommy's and they are almost identical.

And then my true twin baby boys... Chipmunk "Chippy" and Alvin Junior. "Junior" Why do they grow up so fast? I want them to stay little and cute. Ok they are still cute, but little would be nice.

They are so sweet! Wish I could get better photos of them, but they want attention and move so fast they are at me in seconds.

The boys.. or men.. They were coming for a peppermint treat. And we all know how much they love that! 

Tails going, ears back... I will be the first to get one!! Miguel was so serious about getting his. And yes, he got his first. LOL

Now when I tell Hubby you need to put up your clean clothes out of the dining room chair... he needs to start paying attention.

You see Libbie LOVES to lay on clothes. Usually it is dirty clothes when Hubby doesn't get them to the hamper. Not that he does that often.. eyes rolling here. But here Libbie has pulled off a few pieces, Autie has joined her, and for some reason Autie drug up his house shoes just in case he needs them. Autie loves shoes. Never chews on them, but likes to lick the bottom of them and lay with them. Yes I know nasty licking them. But dogs are dogs I suppose. And now now another load of laundry to do...

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - Laundry free and lots of hugs from furry friends!
HUGS and 


Carol Dee said...

YIKES where did the weekend go and now it is Wednesday already, Time flies, especially this time of the year. So good to see all you happy fur a=babies each week. Chip and Jr. are still adorable. <3

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