Saturday, December 7, 2019

Animal Crackers - Will She Stop in Time???

Howdy -

OH my ... Will She Stop in Time??? Gotta Love Juliet's enthusiasm when she see's you in her pen... but...

 Now you can't tell by this photo but she is coming full steam towards me. She is no fly weight... So do you run, or brace. I braced and held my breath, she stopped but bumped me pretty good. It is all in love.. she just gets so excited to be the first one to greet you when you are out for a visit. Funny... but a bit scary! LOL

Olive Oyl was just chillin in the shade watching and grinning... Do you think she was hoping for the run in to me or not? 

I think she knew Juliet wouldn't totally run me down... I hope...

Oh my then I found Darlene totally flirting with Raffie...BIG TIME! She may be nearly 28 years old but still a cougar in her own mind! LOL

She thinks she is still one of the young girls in the pen!

Speaking of one of our old Ladies ...

This is one of the Rhode Island Reds.. our older ladies... Still a beauty but well... egg production has gone way down the last few months. Spring we will have to fill in the coops with some young chicks here.

Hubby came home with a "new" donkey a little while back. He found a fabulous OLD concrete donkey at an estate sale.

Looks like I officially have a collection of concrete donkeys too... Love them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - family, friends and lots of furry friends!
Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

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