Saturday, June 6, 2020

Animal Crackers - BIG AL!!!!

Howdy -

Finally Lacey decided to share her baby with us!! Of course she had to do it in the middle of the night... sigh. Last weekend she started pacing late evening and took forever, but finally about 12:45 in the morning she laid down... I ran in to get Hubby ... she pushed a few times and a tiny little spotted baby popped out! SPOTTED! Ok... a boy, but oh well he is adorable and we are in total love with this guy! His official name is ALBERTO... but Hubby has nicked named him "Big Al" and it fits :0)

It was a long night but SOOOO worth it!

Lacey is a fabulous Mom.. had him cleaned up and he was eating in minutes.

Our traditional Day One photo.. "Dad" is so proud of this little guy!

I couldn't get a photo but he has unusual eyes. They are a grey blue color. Not anything he can pass on but still stunning!

The two girls have been curious and Hannah gave up and wasn't interested too much. But Josie... well she has been very jealous... LOL

Good thing there have been lots of people visiting them so everyone can take a baby and spoil... LOL

Seriously How stinking cute is he???

He is a pistol too... He doesn't like minding Momma... and thinks it is hysterical to run from Mom. I don't know what Lacey is grunting to him, but he ends up giving up and coming back to Mom and being good.

Thought I would share a photo of another baby this week...

Hubby was watering in the backyard his potted plants and this little cutie came bopping out, eyes closed and all.  While he was trying to find the tiny hidy-hole nest I held on to it to make sure it wasn't in danger of getting to far away or scooped up by something. Adorable right? Love nature! And after finding a good place to place him, we hope he got back to his nest and Momma was ok with our helping her baby.

Hope you got a smile this week. I know we have lots of smiles with all the babies out there! Have a super blessed week!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Big AL sure is cute. Too funny how jealous Josie is , poor girl. I always enjoy the Proud Papa photos with your sweet hubby. Enjoy loving on those sweet

Kim said...

Oh Michelle - Big Al is beyond adorable! He's absolutely stunning! You must be thrilled with his safe arrival.
Kim x

Lena said...

Congrats on yet another cutie :-) He sure is a handsome fellow. Glad momma is okay. Funny how they other lil ones get jealous - they now have to share the attention and no one likes that :-)
Have a wonderful weekend and stay well.

Ginger Shaw said...

Another gorgeous little boy. How on earth do you ever get any work done.?
I love hubby;s proud Poppa moments.
Do you have the names already picked for them before they are born or do you look at them and say “He looks like an Al?
Loved your little bunny rabbit .

Karen Page said...

I'm a bit behind and getting caught up, so forgive the late comment. Big Al is so stinkin' cute! What gorgeous eyes he has, and with his spots and coloring, he will never be mistaken for another of your fur babies! I 2nd what another commenter said, How on earth do you get anything done but love on and play with these sweet baby donkeys and goats?!? So happy for you guys to have such beautiful babies to cheer you through these crazy times!!!

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