Saturday, June 13, 2020

Animal Crackers - Glamour Shots!

Howdy -

Was out just before the sun set the other night... took the opportunity to snap some "Glamour Shots" of some of my children...

Vicki was just gorgeous with the large oak tree and sun behind her. Heck she is gorgeous all the time!

My short "big boned" lady Macie is always a looker, she has really deep brown eyes with long lashes.

She is so so sweet. Slow calm and loving!

Beautiful Ellie Mae - Miss Skinny Minnie - my screamer.

We love Ellie Mae so much and it is so sad she was never able to get pregnant. She has a happy home forever no matter what.

Pavo says boys can have "Glamour Shot" photos too! He actually posed for me by resting his head on Patti's back.

I love how friendly he has become since being moved into the pen with the ladies. He was so skittish in with some of the guys. Just shows the difference of attitudes of a "man" with all his testosterone, and a sweet gelding boy. The ladies are no threat to him, and he loves being in with them.

Penelope was calling out while I was in the with the donkeys.. She is a super model too! Take my photo Mom! I'm not a donkey but I am just as cute! Why yes you are Miss Penelope!

It is that grin, and that long sleek neck.. she such a pretty thing.

Now I know I couldn't not show our newest family member Big Al! He is a looker too. He is a little copy of his Daddy Raffie. I told Hubby he is like trying a photo of a nat though... he is always bouncing around a million miles an hour!

After I snapped the first photo he normally will take off... but here it was as if he said "No wait... this is my good side!"

 Yes he knows he is absolutely adorable!

We are so blessed! Nothing warms my heart than out loving on our fur children. And babies are just that extra blessing! Hope you enjoy a little of our happiness and they bring you a smile!

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Oops got busy and forgot to leave a comment after visiting on Saturday! Big Al is ADORABLE, love those fluffy bangs. Penelope is so pretty. Love her coloration and cute grin.