Saturday, June 20, 2020

Animal Crackers - sets of three

Howdy -

This week I was playing again with settings on my camera, and portraits... now getting my "kids" to stand still long enough for a portrait is not easy. But this week I decided to give it a try on sets of three... first up was the little boy goats, my mini goat stooges.

They were after all begging for attention -

So first I stopped for loving... then worked on getting photos..  Before they got to head butty...

Alvin Jr. usually will stop and pose for me.. or am I posing for him, those eyes just melt me!

His twin brother Chipmunk was going for the low down through the fence pose... ok he was resting his head on the fence waiting for me to give him more grass... But hey he was being cute and STILL! So I snapped quick!

The Domino - sigh... this is my big time head butter! He lives to squish fingers in the fence I think.

Really it is just him showing he is the boss of the pen. But we still love and adore that adorable face even when a finger gets a little bumped. 

Then my three inside doggies...

Old Lady Libbie, she has been doing so well, so happy as long as she is in charge and control! Pretty girl.

And her first daughter - Chica ... our puppy.... that seems to be turning more gray each month. I guess she gets it from her Momma Libbie we just can't tell how gray she is cuz she is well... gray!

But we won't tell her she is getting old she still answers to puppy and thinks she is a puppy!

But my baby boy Autie, Chica's 'Dad' - he got is summer puppy cut. He feels so good when his thick long hair is off in the summer. Funny he has no gray him other than his under coat that is so thick.

 Now my boy has been under the weather the past few months, he is feeling better and then his allergies have gone nuts.. little guys eyes get so red and itchy. But he is feeling better so that is what is important to me.

I know I say this a lot... but we are so blessed to have all these special fur babies, they really do give us happiness in a crazy world. Hope you can hug on a furry kid and enjoy some unconditional love too!

HUGS and


Peggy S from OH said...

Thanks for sharing your fur babies! Love the pics! Have a great weekend!

Ginger Shaw said...

I love to see all your photos. Every baby is so cute.
My little dog Pepa is nearly sixteen. She is slowing down so much but I love her more and more and each day I have with her is so precious

Carol Dee said...

Sweet photos of all the fur babies. Happy Father's Day to the Mr.

Helen said...

Fabulous pictures again; I adore each and everyone of your babies. You're absolutely right it's nice to have a furry friend to hug and cuddle in these strange times. xxx

TOM said...

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