Saturday, April 17, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Birthday Josie!


Well Monday our little Josie will be a year old! She is a little girl still, but she thinks she is all grown up But oh how we adore her! 

She is difficult to take photos of at this time. She is one of those in your face donkeys. So So Friendly... she just wants to climb in your lap and get lots of attention. Which we make sure to give her as much as possible of course. Now we have been saying since she was born, that as she grows up she will be a copy of her older sister Pepita... got a photo of the two of them coming at me... 

Once Josie looses the last of her baby fur that fades so much,  and fills out a bit more. These two sisters will look like twins. With years apart.. 

Got a glamour shot of Miss Bella - 

She is really looking skinny here... long ears, long face and the angle I suppose, but she is trimmer than some of my other Big Beautiful Girls. As Hannah stops snacking and following her Mom all the time she will probably fill out more. 

Fancy Pants was watching everyone approach me while I was out taking photos. Well that and "Dad" out checking on all the girls. It is so funny how they keep a close watch on "Dad" while he is in the pasture. You never know at any moment he could maybe pull a bale of hay out of his pocket, right? LOL

Even my pushy big girl Juliet was in full attention of "Dad". 

It is rare to get a still shot of Juliet that isn't inches from my camera. She was really concerned about how far out "Dad" was going. Should she stay with me? Or should she follow him? OH my it was such a decision to make... Ha! 

Now have I shown this before? I don't remember. Getting ready to do some painting in the house, so thought I would get a head start and clean the things hanging. And this little plate is a favorite for sure. 

I collected early creamware ABC plates for a long while. Then decided to thin out and only keep the ones I loved... you think you know why this one was in the top choices? Such a sweet little child's plate. Very old and very special! 

Hope you received your Saturday Smile this week. Our fur babies do bring so much joy and smiles to us that is for sure! Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and 


Ginger Shaw said...

Your babies do bring you so much joy but you also bring joy to anyone watching
They are all beautiful in their own way.
Thank you for the lovely photos

Carol Dee said...

Where did Saturday (the whole weekend go?) Sorry I missed my visit. Everyone looks happy and healthy. A big bunch of furry love bugs. Give them all some extra scratches from me. Have a good week.