Saturday, October 2, 2021

Animal Crackers - Fabulous Wet Week

Howdy - 

 This week we had some fabulous wet weather! And it was really wonderful rain during the nights... storms actually, and then beautiful days for the most part. I think we totaled right at 6 inches! 

A few of the donkeys seemed to stand out in the heavy rain one night - at times you just have to have a shower right? 

 Sergio is always handsome - but the morning after a good shower he is a real looker! 

He was still wet - shiny and just a handsome stud! Of course with me he turns into my baby and all he wants is hugs and nose kisses. So I obliged him and gave him lots! 
I went out to visit with he ladies... uh hellooooooo - Wasn't about to walk all the way over to them in my sandals - their pasture was soggy mud!
Guess it was along loud night with storms moving through... they were all totally out of it. The younger girls actually laying down in full sleep mode, the others, ears hanging, relaxed and snoozing. Didn't have any interest in taking the time to see me. They were relaxed and comfortable with full breakfast bellies and now a late morning nap! My kind of gals !

Stopped by Alvin Jr.'s pen ... he had a private pond going on and I wanted to make sure he was good.

Other than a wet beard that he drug in the water - he was all good. Handsome silly boy for sure! 

This is photo Hubby sent me a while back. He was coming in the gate and found a sly sneaky thief! LOL

Cocoa was calmly and quietly stretching her head over the boys front pen's fencing... "Dad" didn't throw their hay far enough into the pen it seems and Cocoa has found that she can eat her breakfast, then make her way up the front and reach over and "share" the boys hay when they aren't looking. Sly Donkey! And yes .. Dad will start throwing it further in now that he has seen this going on!

Kittens.. Kittens... oh my they have brought some laughs and grins to us this last week. We have tamed them and they actually like us messing with them. Here I had Ferrari on my lap watching the F1 races - She LOVED it. Head was moving around watching the roaring fast cars. This is a horrible photo for sure but it was dark and I am not the best at selfies. But she was too cute to not capture a photo memory!


Here is Mercedes... Kittens have two speeds. 100mph - or totally crash stop. No matter where they are. This was after about 30 minutes of high energy wrestling - then suddenly it went all quiet and they were all out cold. They are really too cute.


Hope things are good where you are - We talk so often here how much work and time the animals are - but wouldn't have it any other way. Donkeys, Goats, Chickens, Dogs and Cats... they all make our hearts smile! Hope you have some thing furry or feathered to give your a heart a smile! IF not I am happy to share with you every Saturday! 

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

WOW, here in Eastern Iowa we are in drought. Nearing Extreme conditions. So Envious of your awesome rain. The kitties are adorable. I miss having a cat. Hubby's dog would NOT allow it. So thanks for sharing your with us.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your Saturday posts. In fact I go searching for them when it's Saturday. Thank you for sharing!