Saturday, December 11, 2021

Animal Crackers - Resting on the Fence


 Beautiful Afternoon out loving the Donkeys. Everyone made their way to fence to get attention. 

Little Miss Hannah and her Big BFF Juliet are always first up - and always together! Love that! 
Hannah has become such a pretty little lady! All grown up.. sniff sniff... too fast!

And I love that her and Juliet have bonded so much.


This sweet big girl takes care of everyone, watches over them all .. and she loves them all. But she does seem to have picked Miss Hannah as her buddy - Since the day Juliet arrived here she has always been a large heart in our family. 

Mr. Pavo made his way up to the fence to see me. Such a calm sweet boy. But it seems he is no longer totally hanging back behind everyone! Such a good boy! So brave!

And oh so handsome! 


Miss Macey was trying so hard to get my attention. Those beautiful Big Brown Eyes ... just melt me and she is such a love! 

Now the whiskers... hmmmm not so lady like. But that is ok, she is still loved. LOL

Off to the side was Patti... uh hello... I'm here for attention too...

Yes Miss Patti of course I have lots of time to love on your beautiful face - That is a gorgeous face isn't it?

Now this face.. poor old lady... Momma Cat is really showing her age. How old is she? .. I really have no idea.

But she has been around for a long time. I was amazed that she was being so calm and still with me poking my camera into her cat condo - Is she ok? Why isn't she preparing to run from me? Then from behind comes "Dad" - yeah she likes him... he is the big guy that talks to her daily and feeds her daily. And he was coming up to go in and give her a big bowl of her favorite kitty chow. Yeah should have known it was food.. not me. LOL "Dad" went in and filler her bowl she meowed and got all excited and happy. Well as happy and excited as Momma Cat gets. 

I do hope you have a smile from al the critters poking in and over the fence to to say hello to you this week. And that you have a big Animal Crackers Smile! 

 Have a blessed weekend! 

HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

YIKES, it is Friday and I realized I missed my weekly visit!
Love those sweet faces through the fence.
And I agree with Momma cat, FOOD is GOOD.