Saturday, April 30, 2022

Animal Crackers - Pretty Late Afternoon


Got up yesterday morning and thought.. I'm gunna get my photos done early today. Then we went to breakfast... then to do errands, then came home and internet was down, on phone forever with Techs, went out to cry and yell about it to and with Hubby and sit with him while he worked on car. Then out of no where late late afternoon it hit me!! MY PHOTOS!! Took off to find animals to take photos of.  I just knew everyone would be miles off and not being cute, but to my surprise - the ladies were up front and being beautiful! Look how pretty sweet Ellie Mae is - 

She had just done one of her loud screams and then was coming towards me for some ear scratches. She is so beautiful. 

Patti then came to the fence and struck a pose for a glamour shot - I Love the glamour shots.. it is like they want their photo taken.

She is so special. We nearly lost her years back after numerous snake bites, but she fought and pulled through and is healthy and just a love to everyone. 

Pavo was calmly and quietly standing back waiting his turn to get a little attention. He is so .. so .. well calm.

Now to not calm. Oh Miss Juliet. I took about 20 photographs of her and was going through and deleting most all of them. And this one struck me as really beautiful. Her eyes were so in focus.

I like this one! She is so difficult to get photos of she is so in your face and moving constantly. 
Her little shadow is her BFF little Hannah. This young girl idolizes Juliet. I guess she could have worse role models. Even if Juliet is teaching her to be hard to take photographs of! 

Both Hubby and I were very excited to find that after the good rain we got days back that the Amaryllis flowers were finally blooming! These are very special bulbs. They came from a dear old friend that was very well known for her beautiful Amaryllis, she brought them to all functions during the season they were blooming. Well Hubby got a pot of bulbs a couple of years ago and this year they are very healthy, and seem happy -
Now I decided to end this week with this funny photo of Mr. Mercedes - He has gotten so big. Handsome.

And still into everything - LOL But we dearly love this guy, even if his middle name is Trouble. 
Hope you have a smile again this week. I mean really how can you not with that close up grin from Mercedes? ha! 
We do hope you have a blessed weekend and have lots of furry hugs! 
HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Good afternoon, my day got away from me too! Good to see all the happy critters. Such a lovely amaryllis. I have never had luck getting a second year bloom. But We are to cold to put them in the ground over winter. Happy Weekend.