Saturday, January 28, 2023

Animal Crackers - Girls Up First

Howdy - 

Yesterday I headed out to see my girls first. They were all at the front of the pen, morning break around the water trough. Ha! So best to capture some photos before they head back to the pasture.

All were being pushy and friendly, like normal, ready for their close ups. Irene is normally towards the back of the group. But yesterday she was right up front. I got a chance to love all over her with out being pushed aside. Rare! 

Such a sweet girl! 

I just wish she would get pregnant when she is put in with one of the boys. But she is a bit of a trouble maker and fights off and causes issues. Maybe this year will be her year. 
Now while I was loving on Irene... her Momma Patti was giving me the eye. Seriously the "Eye"! Look at that look! 
I think she wanted her turn of head scratches and attention. LOL that look has me still cracking up. No worries she got her attention too. Always does I just LOVE old girl! 
Now standing off to the back was Miss Ellie Mae - not sure why she wasn't up front like normal. I think it was primarily the fact that I didn't bring out a bale of hay for her. Sorry beautiful... but Dad is planning a big round bale for you later today. 

And at the price of hay lately, we make sure not to waste any square bales when the round bale is coming. LOL Hay is like gold now - so we have to make sure to use it wisely and no wasting! 

Heading back towards the house I was greeted by Big Ted. He is such a lover, and adored as well. He was doing a little scratching on "Dad's" concrete deer. Now I explained that if he knocks it over or breaks off a piece "Dad" will not be happy... so Ted go scratch on a tree!

Who I am kidding... Dad wouldn't get mad at Big Ted at all... ever... LOL 
The goats were making noises wanting additional breakfast. It was the off day... they don't like off days! 
You see they get Alfalfa 1/2 the week, then the other days are plain old boring hay. We don't like plain as well as the good stuff! That is life though. I would love to eat some yummy puffy tacos every day but not the best for watching my salads, or veggie soup those off days. But mmmm right now I am craving puffy tacos! 
One more photos this week... I snapped this one as we were headed out the back door one morning. I was just too funny to not take a second and capture! 

Mercedes "Bubba" and Momma Cat were sitting up on top of the cabinet next to the back door. Just sitting there watching us gather up things and walk out the door. Now here is what I am thinking.... there is a bit of a look in their eyes don't you think? Especially Bubba! I think there is thoughts going on there... "Okay as soon as they are gone we are going to party!" Thinking we need a nanny camera... LOL now that could be entertaining! Or Scary!

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile again this week. WE love you visiting each week! 

Thank you - Have a blessed weekend.

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

I love Teddys eyes, he has such a sweet face and still is my favorite! Hugs, Lori K

Carol Dee said...

I can't imagine feeding all those mouths! Some weeks I wonder how to feed 2 of us! Prices on everything is too high. Spring will come soon, and grass will be so good. Fun photo of Mama Cat and Mercedes. I do NOT ever want to know what cats are thinking.. LOL