Saturday, January 21, 2023

Animal Crackers - Look Alikes

Howdy - 

 The other day I got a great photo of Alvin. He is such a sweetheart. Well... when he is not showing off and being stinky for the ladies he is very sweet. I was having a conversation with him asking him if he knew he was totally a handsome guy... 

He loves when you tell him things like that :0) I then decided that I would make my way over to the boys pen and get a pose the same as Alvin - but his son Alvin Jr. (AJ) - sigh... AJ is just as sweet but not nearly well behaved at posing! He kept banging his head on the fence, poking his nose thru to bite at my shirt and just not cooperating.

This was the best I could do - I think I took 20 photos trying to get him to pose pretty. Sigh... He walked off and his brother Chipmunk said... he I don't look like my Dad but I can pose pretty!

Yes Chipmunk you are just as handsome! He is so funny and really is much calmer than his twin brother AJ. 
Now here is some value! LOL We do not have many chickens at this time, but these girls are bringing in their value around here! With the price of eggs in the store now these girls are worth their weight for sure !

Spring time we will bring in some chicks to increase our egg production. But for now our girls are doing what they can!

I thought you all might get a chuckle from this photo - Momma Cat is comfortable in the house now and seems very happy - Here she made herself comfortable by knocking over my show bag ( the bag I haul to antique shows with all are necessary things. Business Cards, phone charger and emergency Tums and Aspirin. LOL )

I must be a sucker... I left her there and came back and picked it all up later. She was very happy there after all. 

Last is not a great photo.. zoomed a long way. Hubby sent me this photo the other day. I had been telling him that I didn't think there was anyone in the cat house with OLD Momma anymore as I just haven't seen her kids in a while.


He got proof. Mom and Fraidy Cat snoozing one afternoon together. Great to see! 

Hope you have your Saturday Smile this week - They sure give us lots of smiles.

HUGS and -

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Ginger Shaw said...

Alvin. What a handsome man you are. No wonder your Mum takes lots of photos of you.
I take lots of photos of my little dog Molly but hardly ever get a good one.
All the kittens are beautiful and they are so playful.
Glad you are still getting eggs.
Take care.