Saturday, February 11, 2023

Animal Crackers - Concentration!

Howdy - 

 This is the look of serious concentration! Momma Cat sitting in the window next to my desk. She was totally locked in on something. I got up next to her and looked out and saw it. Yep sitting on the branch of the tree... a squirrel! A favorite of Momma Cat's to chase when she lived outside. 

 I finally got her to break the eye contact with her prey. She looked at me, I could tell what she was saying-

"Are you seeing him?? Taunting me... He knows I can't get to him!" I told her I was sorry but she now lives inside. She watched for a few minutes more, stretched and went back to her cushioned chair with the heater blowing on her. Yeah she is happy inside. LOL Once in a while she sits in a window and looks like she misses it, but then she curls up and enjoys the safety and cushy surroundings she now lives in. 
I headed out yesterday - was gorgeous looking out the window at the sun - but when I went outside! BRRR... that wind was cold! 
 Went out to Raffie's pen to check on him. He was bunkered down getting out of the wind. 

He has such short hair... so the wind and cold does get to him. But he is smart, and he knows how to protect himself and stay warm and out of the wind. I joined him for a while before I decided to brave the wind again and head out to the ladies pen.

My thought was to sneak in and get some photos of them out grazing. But oops... they saw me first and were trotting my direction.

Bella was first - shocking as Juliet is normally up front with Bella's daughter Hannah.  But Juliet was pushing and making her way up front - she loves a good photo op!

She is such a pretty girl. Big Girl. Oh and Hannah came charging up on high speed right after I snapped this photo! LOL I tried to get a photo of her but before I could she was at me and shoving her nose at me, and pulling at my shirt. Funny girl - pushy but funny. 

As I finished loving on all my girls I decided it was just too cold and I was going back inside. Looking at my photographs as I was walking. Then there was a scary loud crash right next to me. Scared me big time! I look down and see Domino smashing his head into the fence panel. BAD BAD BOY!!

I hate when he does that! What happened to my adorable little baby that loved to cuddle? Oh yea.. he grew up into a Male Goat! LOL A bad stinky male goat! 

Hope you have a smile again this week - I smiled once my heart started again from Domino. 

Have a blessed day - HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Oh Domino, Boys will be Boys, I guess.
Momma Cat is pretty and smart. She knows she has it good now. Probably wonders why she resisted it so long.
Have a wonderful week.