Saturday, February 18, 2023

Animal Crackers - A Different View


This week I went with some photos of a different view - Yesterday as I was coming in the back door, little Chica was laying waiting for me... and as she always does - she rolled over on her back for her tummy rubs. Love this little sweet girl!

Seriously adorable! 

Then I was chatting with McLaren who was napping in the sunny window. It was so chilly outside, and that sunny window was toasty warm. She reached out to touch me...

That is all good "Mac" unless those long nails come out! She loves to stretch and then out come those needles!

I love this photo of Thelma - she is such a pretty goat. And those eyes -

Such a beautiful girl - And those eyes almost appear like they glow in the dark!

Now the next photograph is not a great photograph, but I do love it. This is out my window next to my desk. For years I have had mini blinds in this window. I can peek out them from time to time. But well they were destroyed. Lets just say fly vs. cats... blinds lost. LOL But I have really enjoyed sitting and working during the day and enjoying the views... yesterday Valentine came to have a chat with Black Jack.

They snorted and talked for a few minutes and then Valentine walked away to catch up to his Momma Cocoa. And Black Jack headed off to graze in all that thick winter grass. I have spent too much time just watching Black Jack out grazing in the sun the last few days. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Like a mental break from work.

Earlier in the week I have a visitor myself. Beautiful red cardinal was just chirping and showing off for me.

I felt so special that he was so happy to show off for me... then I realized it wasn't me. sigh... It was his reflection in the window he was showing off for! LOL He stayed there for almost 15 minutes - talking and having fun, bouncing from branch to branch talking away. Was a nice show, even if it wasn't for me.

Another not so great photo, but a cool one! Hubby and I were coming up our driveway the other day and found a group of Turkeys moving across the road and then hanging out in the brush. 


I took about 20 photos super fast trying so hard to get some great Turkey photographs, and I think nearly all of them were terrible. But this one ... you can spot one of the Turkey's hiding where they thought I couldn't see it... but I can! Can't you?

Hope you can enjoy some nature and enjoy a furry or feathered friend! 

HUGS and Have a blessed weekend -

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Carol Dee said...

Your lovely green grass. we just got fresh snow Thursday. But it is already melting, spring can't be far away. Love the puppy and cat pics this week.