Saturday, February 25, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sweetheart

Howdy - 

For a guy this one is a total sweetheart! The only thing that gets him to act "mean" is when his twin brother and he get into one of their male aggression head butting sessions to impress the girls. But when we are allowed to have some private time to do some head scratching and loving on him, he is just a sweetie. Those eyes crack me up to - so expressive!

Now after I snapped the last photo of Chipmunk... he trotted to the fence for some closer lovin' - and that is when I saw his little white dot! He had a tiny spot on his bottom lip when he was tiny and honestly I hadn't seen it or thought of it, until he raised his head and there it was... too adorable!

Such a cute little white stripe on his bottom lip! Bright white in the full black beard! So adorable!

Got a great photo of Mr. Ted E. Bear - Poor guy has not been well this week. Monday morning he was totally three legging it and limping horribly! We were so worried - Hubby looked at his leg, and cleaned his hoof. He stood still and let him work on him. Then he went and laid down in a grassy area to spend the day... Tuesday was a little better, Wednesday he went back to following Cocoa all over the property with a slight limp. And as of yesterday no limping at all. 


I just hate when one of our kids is hurting. He must have had a stone bruise. Stepping on a rock or something and in impacting the bottom side of his hoof - think of it like stepping on a lego or jack. I'm just glad he is back to our big loving greeter... We all love our Ted E. Bear!  

Then Sweet Pea - enjoying a yummy hay breakfast. She is such a pretty little girl. Such bold coloring!

 Little timid, but very kind. And beautiful! 
This isn't a fabulous photo... but it made me giggle. This is Porsche and Bubba... minutes after a yummy breakfast of Herring and Tuna! mmmm  stinky! But boy that can lid cracks open and they are very excited and very vocal! 

Then after that meal they move a few steps away and fall over to stretch out and digest! LOL love these kitties! They make life entertaining for sure.
One more photo - Hubby's flowers.  He has the first pots on the patio off the back porch filled with lots of color!

First Gerber Daisies are getting a little old, but they are still gorgeous and I see new blooms coming on! He does have a green thumb. And our backyard has lots of beautiful Gerbers, Geraniums, and Roses. Just the start of the season too I am sure. In fact we were at the store yesterday and he went to find a jar of pickles... minutes later he came up the isle with the jar of pickles and 4 pots of mini roses... and a grin from ear to ear. Like a kid trying to convince me to let him buy candy or cookies. They make him so happy - and our backyard is beautiful how can I argue, right? 

Hope you have something to make you as happy - And hope that you have your Animal Crackers smile this week! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Oh Ted E Bear! So glad he is doing better, he is still my favorite. Sweet Pea’s face is beautiful coloring. All your “family” have wonderful attributes and its so nice to read how you appreciate them and tell us about them! You are fortunate with the flowers, how lovely to have bright beautiful colors in your yard. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Lori K

Carol Dee said...

Aww your Hubby is so sweet. I love having lots of flowers in my yard. His are always so pretty, he certainly does have a green thumb. We are inching toward spring here. It sure looks wonderful where you are. Sunny and green.

Gotta love cats! Hee-hee. Right now, we have no pets, but son is bringing his cat for me to cat sit while he works out of town this week. Yeah, Coco is coming.

Ginger Shaw said...

So glad Ted E Bear is getting better. Hate it when our babies are sick.
All your animals are so beautiful in their own way.
Wish I had a green thumb like your hubby. Even my artificial plants tend to die on me.
Thank you for the lovely photos.
Hilda πŸΎπŸΆπŸ’–πŸ’™