Sunday, April 13, 2008

HEEEE HAAWWWW and Don't forget my Blog Candy!

I was so excited to catch "Daddy" Raffie Hee Hawing to his daughter Rosita, he can see his baby from his pen, and I guess he was just saying hello. He is no where near the loudest talker of my donkeys, and he is NOOO where near the funniest (I am still working on getting that one on tape!) But he is a good strong voice, and I was thrilled to get it caught on my camera phone! I am thinking I might see about making it my ring tone... he he he. I hope he brings a smile to you and you enjoy a little HEE HAW sunday!

Also don't forget about my blog candy from the other day... all you have to do is go to that day's comments and leave me a joke! Hubby will pick the one that makes him laugh the most and that person will win the loot! I will name the winner Tuesday night so there is still plenty of time to get a funny in!

Speaking of Blog Candy... one of my favorite bloggers Katharina has some great candy on her blog... oh how I would love one of those Hänglar & Stänglar stamps. They are so hard to get here! Just make sure and check out her blog (BTW it is a great blog for some fantastic inspiration, she rocks!) so visit her at Creative Ideas by Katharina! This candy is for her upcoming birthday.. so Katharia... have an extra HEE HAW for your special day!


Katharina said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks so much for the Heeee Hawwwww, I love it :) Wish you good luck for the drawing!

Mary Dawn said...

how cute!!!! i want a donkey

Anonymous said...

Your babies have such personality!! love hearing about them...have a good week!! Patti

Suzanne said...

ahh this is sooo funy bless just letting his daughter know he is here!!! Sue :o)

Ila said...

This is the cutest..Haaha ha.Keeping tabs on her baby..Just being a Momma!!