Saturday, June 5, 2010

Animal Crackers - A Hot Sunny Day for Photos!

I got outside mid-day on Friday to take some photos... got a few really great ones, and then some really bad. You see... I was melting as were all the animals, so they were heading into the shade.... can't blame them! It was nearly 95 degrees!
Well you knew first up was going to by Baby Lydia!!! Oh my she is so adorable! We have moved her and Lacey her Mom back out into the larger pen, and in doing that we had to put Raffie.. Dad into the small Momma birthing pen. I know it sounds so horrible to put him into a smaller pen, but we need to control him for two reasons. One we don't want him chasing and breeding Lacey on her first cycle - and two, Vicki is getting closer and I really don't want him out in the pen if she births... so the best thing is to keep him in a safe area. I don't think Raffie would hurt a new born... but don't want to take any chances. Won't be long before he will move back into "his" large pen with all of his women and children.
Told you - she is just stunning, hard to take a photo of though!! She is so friendly she heads for you as soon as you get in the pen to take photos!
One way to cool off in the heat is a nice refreshing dirt bath!  Ok, don't sound so refreshing to me... but there was line for the "dirt bath" area... and Fanci seems to really be enjoying it.
I decided to top off everyone's water buckets while I was out there... until Gloria decided to offer some cooling off for her friends by taking the hose off into the pen - LOL

The goats were trying to stay out of the sun. Hank seems to be using his sister Cathy as his pillow... and it wasn't long and he was out of the shade - Lucy came out of the house to see me... she is my girl ;0)  She talks to me the entire time I am out there... too cute!
Speaking of cute :0) Autie... look at the squint watching the donkeys in the sun is tough you know! Maybe I need to find him some cool shades to wear this summer!
I got a couple of really great photos of Libbie this week!! Man she has been hard to get photos of the past few months! But today she was in one of her modeling moods - Super Model Libbie! You Go Girl - you are a hottie!

I'll end today with a Sunny Sunflower! I love sunflowers, just hate the weed look they have while growing... but it keeps me from mowing some areas.. LOL  "Sweetie I don't want to mow there, the sunflowers will be ruined" .. HA HA... Seriously the flowers are gorgeous!

Have a great weekend! HUGS and-


Redlady said...

just love your new baby. She is gorgeous. But so are all of your family.
I look forward every week to see your latest photos and you never disappoint.
Take Care.

Rufus said...

Lydia is soooo cute! You just want to snuggle her! Love Animals Crackers Sat.

Danni said...

Such wonderful animal cracker photos!! I've missed visiting ya, but life has been busy!
I just got a new puppy you totally understand! LOL!!

Lavender Rose said...

Love your photos, isn't Lydia sweet!