Thursday, June 17, 2010

Busy Stringing -

Don't ever leave me waiting around in Micheal's... I wander around and then find new things I want to try and have always talked myself out of.

I love to look at all the gorgeous beads... so many beautiful beads - this week they were on sale. And I was getting bored waiting around... and well... some just ended up in my cart :0) I know... sad... I have way more than I am going to admit to from the paper crafting section... WAY MORE.

So... I made some bracelets! These took me less than an hour to make, and I just love them ;0)
These were the first beads to end up in my cart.... I fell in love with them! The colors, and those little daisy flowers, they are a round flat bead, so they are different. I found some spacers that I liked with them and then parked my cart to wait for MIL a little longer.... oops look at these beads...

I ADORE these brown with iridescent coloring! They ended up in my cart too.. the sale was a buy two for price this week :0) But I couldn't find any spacers that I like with the beads, was sort of bummed but just nothing looked right. Then when I went up to the counter I found a display of the Swarovski beads, and these shaped beads were the exact color as the base of the iridescent ones! This bracelet really sparkles a ton! I just wish the beads were a little larger :0)

Now this one... I think it may be my favorite - but more for sentimental reasons. Once home and I had made the first two bracelets, I got to thinking about Grandma's sequin/bead box she gave me years ago... In the bottom of the box were a few pieces of costume jewelry that were broke and she was going to "someday" restring. One was this really old, these gorgeous baby blue glass beads. I took it apart, then went to my "paper-crafting" stash and found my spacers I use for centers to flowers, and strung myself up a bracelet! There were enough beads left.. I strung up my Sister one, still more beads left... so I made two more for my Cousins....  I hope they like them... I really think this one is my favorite of the three styles I made.

Now I have a SERIOUS problem... I have gotten to a point that I really don't purchase much in craft stores that much.  A new stack of paper from time to time.... New punch.... but really don't need much. Now there is a whole new section of the store I normally don't venture into... and I think I could be getting sucked in... I really enjoyed making these :0)

HUGS and -


Irena said...

These are very beautiful :)

Riet said...

So gorgeous creations Michelle.

Hugs Riet.xx

Rufus said...

Gorgeous! My favorite is the one made from your Grandma's beads. So where do you get the spacers that you used?

Heather said...

These are gorgeous, I especially love the last one with the gorgeous blue beads. My girls have started making bracelets (they're 4yrs old) and it's beginning to suck me in. Only problem is they use relatively cheap, bright funky beads, I know I would want to spend considerably more!! Why does it always come down to funds! LOL. Thank you for the inspiration. Hev:)

Archies Mum said...

Wow love the bracelets you have made. The beads you have chosen are gorgeous. Are they easy to create? x

Anonymous said...

Your bracelets are beautiful. Good thing that it is a 2 1/2 hour drive to the nearest Michaels or I would be in serious trouble. TFS Ann Lind