Saturday, March 26, 2011

Animal Crackers - Donkey Hugs

Saturday! Animal Crackers day, and first up how about some Donkey Hugs? LOL

I love how the donkeys do this "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" thing. Always looks like Donkey Hugs to me! This is Darlene and Macie... two of my "Big Beautiful Girls" They are a bit on the heavier side, when pregnant... and when not! LOL Still a ways off from babies, even if they look like they are about to deliver any minutes. They are my girls... I just tell them they are Big Boned, like Mom, its all ok....
Miss Jazz - such a pretty girl, and super friendly. She always has beautiful coloring to her, and her fur always gets a frosted look to it by the end of winter - Starting to shed now as it is getting warm here....
Very warm in fact. It is only March still right? It hit 89 degrees, more than once, here this week! The water buckets are now being filled twice a day - Ted E. Bear is taking in a gallon or two here... he is a big boy.. one of the standards.

Any one want a goat? No SERIOUSLY... Jack, needs to find a new home .. a stunning handsome Buck now. And a mistake for us. You see we didn't "fix" him when he was young, he was just so good looking and those gorgeous ice blue eyes like his dad, we thought he would be sold as a buck for someone. And well... now he really needs to go!!! Can't keep him out of the pen with all of his female relatives... NOT GOOD!!! He needs to GO!... Darn he is handsome!
Libbie... this is how she spends her time outside... standing at any fence barking at anything. Here she was barking at Ted E. Bear... I mean after all he was drinking water!!!!!! DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!! ( man did that comment date me or what!! LOL )
Chica... Look at those LEGS!!! Cute but man... LEGS... This lanky stage is so funny... Stilts here is really fitting in well. Just really need to get this potty training under control. Great one day, bad the next - sigh.

The Slow Motion Run.... HA! Can't you see it? He is such a funny little dude - My Handsome Man. OOPS.. (Hubby you are my "real" Handsome Man.. ) But even Hubby will agree that Autie is our little man, I just can't get over how sweet he is. A lover and a looker!
Had to share this one! Cracked me up. Chica is starting to get the best of her Mom.... Libbie starts the rough housing, and when she is done she stops it. But lately, Chica is holding her own and it really is funny to watch. Autie ALWAYS backs down from Libbie. But Chica... well this girl may be more like her Mom and want to have control... So who will be "Top Dog"? It is important to let you know... they play hard, but they don't hurt each other. As soon as one sequels they all stop to see who yelped. They do love each other. (oh and that is Hombre, our "fake" donkey... they never play anywhere near the real donkeys)
One last photo... Had to show you the peach tree!! Spring is here - and the peach trees are covered in flowers. We need to get them planted... ( we had to replace ours that we planted two years ago... The Donkeys ate them... ) These will be planted behind fences this time!

Hope you enjoyed today's Animal Crackers :0) Hope the weather is wonderful where you are and you have a beautiful weekend!
HUGS and-


Kirsten Alicia said...

Hi Michelle, terrific photos as always. Chica definitely has that long-legged, supermodel look going on!! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Helen said...

Hi Michelle, what another set of gorgeous cuties you have here. Love the scratching donkeys, this chica girl stole my heart (and her parents as well). I like Jack but I am too far away and I am convinced that one of my girl doggies is not font of this boy (she chases everything on four legs and even things with wings). Hope you find a good new home for him soon. Your peach tree looks beautiful. We had some terrific weather last week, but today it is a little bit grey and temperature dropped a bit, but forecast for tomorrow is sunny and warmer. Hugs from Holland, Helen

Lucy said...

Love the Donkey hugs!!

K. Joy said...

Love the pictures! :) Wow, Jazz is sooo pretty! Her fur color is gorgeous. :) Love the pictures of the dogs - Chica really is growing, and look at those long legs!! How funny. Oh and the flowers on your peach tree are so pretty! I've never seen peach tree flowers before!!

BethW said...

Tons of smiles with this entry-thank you!The pups are hilarious.Mine do the same thing-of course when it's 93 lbs of Staffordshire terrier and 12 lbs of dachshund it's truly hilarious!

Carol Dee said...

Sweet pics of all the critters. Sure wish we had some blossoming trees. too cold yet. :( Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs...

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

what a lovely animals you have, i think you get a lot of love from them, love to see it!

Shelly said...

I can't believe no one has wanted to buy Jack yet. He IS one handsome dude.

Libbie's barking reminds me of my little dog. The other day she barked her head off at an orange cone that the power company had placed in the road. She knew it didn't belong there. lol

It will be interesting to see which of the girls comes out top dog. I'm thinking Libbie if she still eats first.

The peach blossoms are lovely. I don't believe I've ever seen peach blossoms before. Strange huh?

Thanks for another great visit with your animals. :)

Cynde said...

I so love your animal cracker posts. It cracks me up how the dogs all play/fight. They are so funny. I have only one little dog now. I so miss having the three like you have. Love the spring peach blossoms. We had lum blossoms for about a day then the rain we don't have any blossoms left. Suppose to clear up tomorrow for a while...yaahooo! Love the donkey hugs. Someone has to love Jack and want him for a new PaPa...
Have a great week...Hugs,

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