Saturday, May 11, 2013

Animal Cracker - Stormy Weather

Howdy -

More rain the past few day! In fact some really creepy storm clouds yesterday! We went "green" more than once the last 48 hours. Not too far from home there was some really nasty hail. Don't like that. We took the day off yesterday and drove about an hour to one of the towns we have stuff in an Antique mall, then went to IKEA, Lunch and a little antiquing in another mall. I really needed the day away. So did Hubby.  I know this week the blog was kind of empty wasn't it? Sorry...  Was an odd week... I just haven't felt 100%. Not sick, not well. Just off - sounds weird I know. But feel like my levels are off maybe. Hot and Cold, insomnia and worn out tired. I just can't get going or getting anything done. I am hoping after the day off I can start fresh this weekend and shake it off. We have been kidding that it is hormonal and a little "pre" taste of things coming. We laugh - but I am thinking it may be a little too close to reality. Sigh...

Alright how about some animals? With the weather yesterday and being gone I didn't get many photos. I was going out to hurry and snap some before it got dark. But as I was gathering up my camera and running out there was a huge bolt of lightning and very very loud thunder. I decided that it was best to not go walking around outside. Besides I could see out the back window that the donkeys, goats and chickens were all thinking the same thing and were all heading into their barns, sheds and coop. I have very smart animals.

So I will show off a few photos that I snapped during the week.

We finally did something that I have talked about forever and would chicken out. We shaved Autie...

Now don't freak - I wouldn't shave him bald. I love his silky gorgeous long hair. But I couldn't stand the matting on his back half any more. I tried and tried to brush it out and his hair was so long and with the loss of the winter fur it was just too much and I hated to hurt my boy with forcing the brushing. So I put a grooming comb on the shaver and shaved his entire rear section about one inch long. In case you don't remember his Aussie skirt almost dragged the ground and when clean for the 3 minutes after a bath was gorgeous. But I have to admit... he is pretty darn cute looking like a little he has a Teddy bear hiney too.

He got restless, it took about 45 minutes to do the back section. But I am going to do the front half too. I would love to do Tuco and Chica as well. I just don't know. Tuco is still so young and is a total wiggle mess when bathing him, and he really doesn't have the matting too bad at all. A little brushing and bath and he is good. Chica isn't too bad either, and she is a total freak when doing anything to her. Trimming her nails is like torture. She screams, cries and gets insane. Has since she was a tiny puppy. You just have to let her see nail trimmers, a brush anything that she doesn't like or think she may not like and it is total drama with out even touching her. Autie.. he loves the attention and just sat and enjoys it. I got a few kisses in the face while working on him in fact. Sweet boy.

This has been another issue this week. We have two chairs in my craft room. One at my craft desk and then a second at the computer desk. Well that chair decided to flip with me sitting in it. Always had issues with it being top heavy, leaning and sometime falling over. I think they put the wrong base on it. Well it flipped, I landed on the ground, it landed on top of me and then when trying to flip it back over I broke one of the roller legs. So now we are down to just one chair. And the other day when I was working like crazy to list on eBay I was up and down taking photos, measuring, weighing and moving things around the room. EVERY time I would get up out of the chair -

One minute - Five minutes - 10 seconds... didn't matter. Gato would steal my chair. But how can you get upset at that sweet face. Finally about the 20th time I hauled her to the other end of the house and fed her some cat treats... bought me about 30 minutes of seated work. Then she was back. :0)

Found a great photo of Gracie - Love the little trot and all the green grass.

They sure have been loving the green and the great weather. Well until the storms. They are in their huts when there is a threat of rain. Did you know Goats will melt in the rain? They think they will anyway -

This photo came across my phone the other day - no message, just the photo.

It was from Hubby, he was out working in the young boys pen. This is a fence post that is in their pen. Well it use to be a fence post.  Hubby is going to cut it down and take out the base. I guess the boys were bored.... Or trying to be artist?

 Now one more from this week - I just have to show you the one item from the Antique Show last weekend that I HAD to bring home with me. I couldn't not buy it. Even with my no shopping at this show promise to myself. (You could loose all your profit shopping at some of these antique shows.. LOL)

I had to have it right? It is really old. Canvas is square nailed, and the frame is pegged and square nailed. I just melted when I saw it. Good thing the dealer likes me... she gave me a really good discount, whew. It is a little folk art-sy - painted really well. I love that little foal. And the look on Mom's face - I HAD TO HAVE IT. And now it is hanging above my computer desk. Makes me happy :0)

Hope you are having nice weather where you are. The storms and rain should make things really grow this week. The sun is suppose to be shining for a while this week, hopefully thru the weekend, as next weekend is my nieces outdoor wedding - Never ever wish for it to not rain in Texas. But next Saturday it can hold off til Sunday if it is thinking about raining.

Have a blessed wonderful weekend.
HUGS and


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Ellie Maggie said...

Love this week's post, lots of variety! Sweet little Autie, he looks even tinier now! Our dog hates his claws clipped too, snarls & growls the house down. It's a wonder that fence post is still standing, they've had a good time with it! Hope your new painting helps you feel better soon.
Ellie Maggie x

TA Carbone said...

Michelle I would not have passed that painting up either.

Feel better


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Carol Dee said...

Well now of course you had to have that painting! It is perfect. Glad to hear you are getting some muchneeded rain. hope you begin to perk up soon.