Sunday, May 19, 2013

Me and My Space - And the Bride wore... Converse

Howdy -

Well I am scheduling this post - working on it before we go to the wedding Saturday evening. Not sure how late the wedding will be, and wanted to show you what I have been working on recently.

I told you that my niece wanted to wear her Converse high tops for her wedding. Actually the entire wedding party will be wearing Converse. Groom - and 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen. (5 on each side) Well if she wants her tennis shoes to be her shoes of choice I thought at least I could make them just a little more formal  -

So I got her a new pair of Converse - bought a bag full of lace, bling, pearls and beads at Michaels and sat down to work on them. I asked Hubby's advise before I started gluing things down. And that was it. Now he was doing all the gluing while I lined things up and we decided what fit and looked best.

Here was the finished joint effort project.

I think they turned out really cute. I didn't want "too" much - but enough to not look like they just played a game of hoops in the park. LOL 

On one shoe we covered the "logo" with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding. 

On the other shoes we covered it with something a little different -

Now did you know the tradition is "Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something blue. And she had a Six pence in her shoe"  Now the formal poem sounds a little better than that. But that is the jist of the poem. The six pence is a English dime - I found two traditions with this part of the poem. One said it was so she went into the marriage with money of her own. The other said it was a good luck piece to ensure that the new couple never will worry about money in their future. So now I know ... no one put a six pence in my shoe when Hubby and I married!

 Hubby found six pence from 1758 - I think it adds something special don't you? We think Laura will get a kick out of it, she has always loved historical facts and grew up reading books from authors like Jane Austin.

We gave her the shoes Friday night - she seemed to really like them. Can't wait to see her in them with the wedding dress.

I also thought about it and decided that some frilly socks were needed too right? So I bought some socks, and a few rolls of lace and frilled them up!

This way all the girls in the wedding in their Converse Shoes will have a bit of lace poking out the top of their shoes.

Should be a beautiful wedding. But actually by the time you are reading this they will be Mr. & Mrs.! Hubby and I were talking about the happy couple on the way home from the rehearsal dinner. Isn't it wonderful when you see a young couple being married and you just know that they were meant to be. Perfectly matched, so much in common and look so happy when they are together? You know lots that are good looking couples and those that work well together and all.. but once in a while there is that one couple that just seems to be destine to have found each other. Looking at these two... they are one of those couples.

Hope you have a blessed wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and-

9 comments: said...

The shoes are wonderful!!! I'm sure Laura loved them. The socks look so pretty, I bet they'll be kept as souvenirs. I hope you all had a lovely day, congratulations to the happy couple.

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Marie said...

So lovely and special. Love the little socks as well. Good luck to the happy couple.
Love hugs Marie

Sheri said...

How cute are they! I hope you have pictures to share of the happy couple in their tennies!

Marilyn said...

I love these shoes and the socks are fab too. I'm sure she loved them - I can't imagine why not because you've jazzed them up perfectly for a wedding, very tasteful and just the right amount of glam. I hope we get to see a pic of her in 'the shoes'!

Carol Dee said...

LOVE the shoes, hope to see them with the dress. (hint) Have a peaceful Sunday, hugs...

Ellie Maggie said...

The shoes look fabulous, just the right amount of bling and embellies. Hope to see from the big day! Love the sixpence too. They look too good to wear! Hope you had a lovely day,
Ellie Maggie x

Lisa West said...

Such a fabulous gift for the bride to be, Hugs Lisa xxx

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable shoes! And the bridal party will have comfy feet all night long! Can't wait to hear the details about the wedding.