Saturday, May 25, 2013

Animal Crackers - Soggy Chicken, Soggy Goats, Soggy Donkeys, Soggy Doggies, Soggy Photographer


Yesterday it rained! And rained pretty good. We didn't get as much as some of our friends around here - We got less than an inch. One friend got close to SIX inches! Wowser! More is predicted for today, but I don't think we will get close to that measurement.

I kept waiting for it to stop late in the day to get my photos, but it never stopped completely before dark. So late afternoon it slowed down some. So I braved the rain and Hubby and I made a trip around all the pens to check on everyone and snap a few photos.

What we got was photos of lots of soggy animals. LOL I think they were enjoying the cool wet. Well all but the goats. One drop and they were not happy campers. A couple got real wet due to the fact that they couldn't find any room in each of the huts, or at least the huts they wanted to be in. Finally everyone was settled and was "safe" from the dangerous wet stuff falling from the sky.

Shockingly the chickens were out in the rain. Hubby keeps telling me they are CHICKENS. They do not have large brains at all! But my chickens I thought were smarter than that!
Heck it cooled off and the rain probably felt nice after the warm days we have had this last week. But still I was surprised that they were out in it and so wet.

The young donkey girls were all lined up in one of the huts. They looked like they were enjoying the cool rain as well... until it started raining hard then they got smart and went for cover!
Their pen really gets soggy, much more than an inch and they get a private pond. Not a good pond, a slick muddy yucky pond. One of those things on Hubby's fix list. As soon as we can move the girls, then he will build it up and seed the old pen. Then they will have late summer fall grass. Just another one of those "to - do's" around the farm. The list gets more added than we can get marked off - sigh.

Sonia was still out walking around in the rain. She was REALLY SOGGY.
She didn't seem to mind. Wonder where she got that from?

Oh yes, her Dad Black Jack LOVES to get soaked and enjoy the rainfall...
When it rains you can always find Black Jack out in the pen getting totally soaked. Now I say that he enjoys getting soaked but now that I think about it, it may just be that the ladies never let him into the shack while they are in it... Heck he could use a bath anyway... and he doesn't complain. Whatever the ladies want, he is just happy in the big pen again and to have a couple of girls there with him! (Yes folks... we should have at least one baby next year!!!)

Now this is a guy that really really really hates the rain. He is a goat so it makes sense, but Peso seems to really pout and get so sad when it rains.
He hates not being able to be up on his spool looking over all of his world. And when it rains he HAS to go into the igloo hut for protection, he could melt you know. And inside his hut, he cannot see anything. So this is "Pouting Peso" ... sad huh? I told Hubby he needs to build him a new hut... up high off the ground, and with windows on each side so he can see -  :0)

Now this next photo made me grin. We have become a little paranoid about the dogs. Not that we could have done anything for Tuco, but we keep watch over the dogs even more now. I hate to have them out and not be right there with them. Which is silly... but Anyway, while roaming around all the pens, we can still see the backyard. Libbie on the porch watching the rain and all the animals. But Autie and Chica...
 Now first you have to know that I spent forever Thursday brushing both of them. They were so soft and looked so pretty, or handsome. And now... they smell like wet dogs, and are crunchy. Going to wait and see how much it rains today - then I think they will be getting a bath again right away. OH not Miss Libbie, she is still soft and clean, the girl hates to be dirty.

Actually... seeing them play and have fun was so worth it, we don't mind having to clean them up. Since we have taken a good portion of fur off of Autie (you can't tell can you?) since lightening his fur he is playing more and seems to having more fun. I mean that face there... that is his puppy face that we haven't seen in a long time. Full out running having fun - Chica... that face is I want to fun and have fun but it is starting to rain harder and I am just not to sure about it anymore. LOL

 Hope you have a wonderful Weekend -
HUG a furry baby -


Marilyn said...

I love that pic of Autie & Chica and had a little pang right way when I saw it. I get how you watch them so close now because I'd do the same. So funny how Libbie is such a lady about ripping around and getting dirty. Have a great weekend.

Ellie Maggie said...

Fantastic photos (as always!) but so great to see their reactions to the wet stuff! Poor pouting is his penthouse apartment coming along?! Love Autie and Chica playing, so nice to see them like that, your description of their faces made me smile too. I agree with Marilyn about Libbie, bless her.
Hugging our dog today,
Thanks for getting wet for us Michelle!
Ellie Maggie x

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures of the wet furry friends. Today overhere it was dry with a bit of sun; but after the heavy rain of the last days, my furry sweety Shelby looked just like Autie/Chica; she has had all the (mud) pools during our walk and right now she is pouring sand all over the place. Hugs, Helen

Carol Dee said...

Here it is about 5 p.m. and I am finally checking on my favorite blogs. :) I do not like getting wet so I can related to poor sad Peso. LOL. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend. Hugs...

Anonymous said...

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