Saturday, September 14, 2013

AC- Girls Girls Girls

  That should get some interesting hits with a title like that huh? LOL This week the post is all about my girls. They have been left out due to their being little piggies next door at the neighbors and last night we hopped in the Jeep and took off to track them all down and bring them in for a few days. Neighbor has some house guest for the weekend, and I didn't want to have all the donkeys running loose... my donkeys might even follow them up on the porch to a chat... LOL

Anyway we drove to the back of the neighbors property and hunted them all down. It was easy to see why they were so happy in her back pasture. No one has been munching in this pen for over a year... and there is a TON of grass. Good thing we were in the Jeep!!

All the girls are together now ... Young, Old and everything in between. Here is the largest gathering of them... all the way in the back corner of course.

Juliet sure sticks out Huh? The girl will no go with the other standards, she insist on being with her BFF's.

Here she is as they came closer with Lydia... those two are joined at the hip most of the time! LOL

Lydia sure has gotten red... really a pretty girl, and she has her Mom's face and eyes. (Lacey is her Mommy)  They were a bit confused as we normally would have walked to go get them, and the Jeep was new to them... but with all the snakes out here lately... no walking in weeds and tall grass for this gal!

Here they are as we led them into the pen that joins our property... they are thinking... uh you aren't going to close that gate are you? ... Yep as fast as we can!!

This photo cracked me up... just a we got them closed into the pen Black Jack could see them again from our property... Lets just say the dude was very happy that his "ladies" were all still here. So he was really talking a lot and running his fence... Sonia and Gloria both were looking that way like... Dude calm down!

 These gals were more interested in the fact that "Dad" just closed the gate and now they can't roam the entire 20 acres for a 24/7 chow fest.

But as you can see the pen they are in is pretty and green as well... we have been blessed with a little rain the past couple of weeks. We are still pretty dry here... but enough to water the pastures and keep things growing. Next week we have better chances of rain - I am praying we get some then and really soak in... will do wonders in keeping it green into winter.

One more "Girl" For you - I don't really know if it is a girl or boy.. but we say "She" when talking about snakes here...

Hubby found this one on our front porch this week!!!

This folks is a Copperhead Snake. BAD NEWS here!! This is what we think nearly killed Patti last year. Hubby found it up onto of his Table Saw - he was using our porch as a work area, the day before he found it I had been on the porch and was using the Table saw to brace myself while working with Nally... who was getting meds for being struck in the face by a Rattle Snake!! I had my hand inches from where this gal was sitting!!!  Don't have a clue why it was so high off the ground on a metal top table saw... old timers would say it is going to flood... but seriously very scary! Now the really scary thing... this is my FRONT porch and she is just a baby... meaning MOM and SIBLINGS are close. So we are on panic mode here. Good news ... Hubby has totally cleaning off the porch, the back porch, scalped the back yard so the little dogs are not in high grass anywhere. But we are really worried, I just hope that any other snakes have moved away! Can't handle anymore now!

We were flipping through the  TV guide the other night and I saw the movie Snakes on a Plane... we looked at each other and shook our heads, I have bad dreams already don't need any help there!

Again... things are scalped down and we are being as careful as we can...  Winter needs to come so they will freeze and quit moving around.

We have a load of hay coming in today - Yea! starting to stack some up for Winter. With all these bugs and snakes... you think they know something we don't? Hubby thinks it is going to be a really cold winter here. I live in Texas and all though cold here isn't as cold as some places... I live here for a reason... cold is cold to me. Heck I carry a jacket lately in the summer cuz I get cold! LOL darn hormones! But I will deal with a cold winter if it will put all the bad critters down for a while! Whew!

Have a great weekend -
HUGS and


Anonymous said...

Great photos of all your girls & I'm so glad you found that snake before it could hurt any of you. Here's hoping the rest have gone.

Carol Dee said...

I instantly knew I was looking at a poisonous snake when I saw the photo. Shudder. Luckily the snakes around here are harmless and actually helpful. Eating lots of mice and such. Still I do not like coming upon them in strange places.
The grass there is GREENER than ours. It has been very dry. We are to get rain Sunday (crossing fingers.)
The girls sure look healthy and happy. hugs to all...

TA Carbone said...

Oh my Michelle I am like you. I do not like Snakes, Bats or anything like that. Your much braver than me because I wouldn't leave the house if I seen one of these

BethW said...

According to the Farmer's almanac it's going to be a bad one-and they have a pretty good track record. The girls certainly look well fed-I imagine. they got quite vocal once the gate was closed.
thank you again for making the time to share them with us.I always look forward to Saturday mornings!