Saturday, September 28, 2013

Animal Crackers - How Green is Your Grass?

Howdy -

I think I have been telling you the past couple of weeks about Hubby's "new grass". How we had moved around the donkeys to work on a couple of pens with some winter grass. You see you cannot put down grass seed and leave donkeys in that area. 1- they will eat the seeds 2- they will pull up any new growth before it is rooted in. So as much as it felt like torture the boys were locked out of their normal pen and put in the girls old pen next door.. and they had to watch the grass grow.

Yesterday afternoon Hubby decided that it was ok to let them back in.... I see children being let go and told eat as much as you would like in a candy store -

They didn't know where to go first and I am not sure now hours later.. that they have even looked up yet.

You can see they have lots to enjoy -

It is the greenest grass I have ever seen.. and it must be really good grass. I'll take their word on it though.

We had rain yesterday - surprise pop up showers. The three standard donkeys, lovingly known as "The Three Stooges", they normally head for the barn if they know a storm is coming. Normally... they have that animal instinct and know it is going to rain soon.. but yesterday, they got caught out in the rain. And heck maybe they just stayed out in it to cool of and enjoy -

Cocoa is the leader and makes all the decisions - so it was all her call - She is the only Woman of the three so of course she makes the final decision.

You can see she wet, she was soaked a little earlier but was already drying out in the hot humid sun. I see this photo of her and realize that she is getting older. She is starting to have more grey in her coloring. Hope she has many many years with us - She has a pretty good thing here... 20 acres. Eat what you want, it is all hers to roam and go where she wants.. Or doesn't want. Now the other "Two stooges" They have it the same.. other than they follow her -

Valentine McKee (he was named after a character in one of my favorite movies... there is some trivia for ya LOL) He is about 6 I think. A totally Momma's Baby - He is her shadow. And my boy too... Very slow and very sweet, unless he doesn't know you... or you have anything in your hands that could be considered medicine. Then He is fast strong and GONE.

Ted E. Bear

Our Walmart Greeter, and just about the sweetest boy there is. He was so wet from the rain. And was insisting on being petted. And yes... when a 750+ lb.  Donkey INSIST on being loved on. You DO! Even if he is wet and stinky! LOL Love this big guy.

Got a funny photo of Gracie yesterday after the rain....
She is my Super Model - Stunning Ice Blue eyes that seems to love to get her photo taken - But yesterday... I caught her lounging on top of one of the huts... a little afternoon Nap -

Even with her eyes closes sleeping she is a pretty girl. Can you see those Eye lashes??  Big blue eyes and gorgeous long eyelashes! LOL  Well she was named for Gracie Allen ... she was a looker wasn't she? (her brother was George BTW)

Now the last photo is about CRAZY -

 The chickens have just been acting nuts lately. Talking non stop - running all around - just nuts. Maybe it is the weather. There are no snakes. Hubby has been checking with me each day - and we have not found another. Whew. We are up to 9-10 eggs a day most days. There are 13 birds... so most all are doing their jobs. A few days here and there we only get 6 or so, don't know why but seems to be the normal each week. Honestly we have lots of eggs so if the girls slack a day or so a week it is ok...LOL

Well busy morning here  - Lots of chores, and plans today so better get busy. My priority of the day is a Pedicure with BFF Tracey... Hubby has a ton of other things, but once I confirmed the Pedi that was all I heard and cared about.. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and-


BethW said...

Tremors-I love it too. And I don't care how many times I watch it,it never gets old.
The grass is gorgeous-don't blame them for not looking up. Love the 3 stooges-such handsome animals
Thank you again for bringing a smile to my face-I really needed it today.

Marilyn said...

So nice to get to meet your friends one on one and more personally. My gosh... I would love to have Gracie's eyelashes!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful day, a pedicure sounds like an excellent idea.
That grass looks great, I bet it doesn't last long. :) Love all the photos of course, but especially the ones of Gracie & the chickens.

JoanieMc said...

Thanks for another great way to start my day. I so enjoy reading and meeting all your babies. I love hearing about how each one has their own personality so much like us. Glad to see them enjoying the green grass.


Carol Dee said...

well shoot, I got the movie wrong! Guess I was not paying much attention when I watch Tremors. Missed that name! The standard donkeys all look so sweet. Each has his/her own personality that shows in the eyes. Your grass is WAY GREENER than ours. Only a sprinkle here and there not enough to break the dry spell and green the grass.
Have a fun weekend. hugs...

Helen said...

What a sweet photos of the standard donkeys; this grass certainly looks yummie! OMG these eye lashes - I am getting jealous ;-)
Hugs, Helen