Saturday, September 7, 2013

Animal Crackers - NATURE

Howdy -

This week is just full of Nature. Nature of all kind!! Yep this week we have seen the all kinds - started off earlier in the week in a trap....

Now we have discussed this in detail... is this baby cute or ugly? Or does he fall under both? Hubby has been very upset as we have had a critter barn. These animals can leave their "droppings" on the hay and then the hay can make the animals very very sick. There is a long fancy name for one decease that equine get called "Opossum Fever". HORRIBLE thing to watch a equine have. We lost a standard years ago to it. So when we have a Opossum's or Skunks trying to live in our hay barn Hubby gets really serious. He set the trap as soon as he had hints that something had come in. Well he caught a Big Bad Critter first week. Then my Strong Man... he couldn't take it to the back of the property to take care of it. If it had been an adult no problem but nope... he caught a baby. And all though he has LONG nails and LONG teeth he is kind of cute. He didn't seem upset at all that I was snapping photos of him at all.

And this is my STRONG Hubby taking care of the baby... We got in the truck drove about 10 miles across the highway to a creek bed.. then he took the trap walked it off into the brush and let the little guy out.... LOL He said it was the cutest thing ever. Said he "bopped" out then bounced down to the creek and then looked back at him. Would have loved a photo of that.. but that grass was high, I was in flip flops and I didn't want to see anything slithery... we will discuss that in a minute!!

So the other day we went over to check on all the girls on the neighbors property.....

Finally after a few minutes they decided they would SLOWLY make their way to us.. but wait... they were not coming to us.... All in a line as they always do, they went right by us, and straight to the fresh water that Hubby had running in the water tank. LOL Eating all that grass can make a girl thirsty you know... LOL You can't hardly wee them but the line of donkeys was really long... If you look in between the fence levels you can see little dots... they were about 20 long in their slow parade. HA !

Now it has been really noisy in the back yard goat pens... You see... we have some of our girls from a year ago that "are of age" and they are making sure that the guys know!!

Ok, so it isn't the best photo to share but really it was so funny... we were laughing at the boys as this is really the first time the young boys have "understood" what is going on -

It isn't very nice that the girls will just stand there and totally torment the guys.. but it is nature at work I guess.

Check out the boys up close... I could hardly stand it I was laughing so hard...

 Peter and Paul would really show off... close their eyes, roll their lips up and lean that head back! OH I understand girls and why you have us fenced off.... OH PLEASE let us in with them ok?

And do you love Peter's bangs? LOL curl up just like his Dad, Peso.

Now back to things that slither.... Yesterday I was on the porch helping Hubby look for something and was going to water my porch cactus. When he points between the pots on the shelf... I FREAKED!!! This is what we found... ON MY PORCH.... ON MY PLANT SHELF... RIGHT BY THE BACK DOOR!!!!!!!

 Now those pavers are six inch block.. he is way over 12 inches long and he was inches away from my back door..... eweweweww!!! I have found them in the house twice in 11 years. But not in many years.  I think Hubby will be cleaning off my porch this week and maybe watering the cactus from here on!!

I wanted to take a photo of Autie for you this week... but I just couldn't. One he wouldn't stand still... and two I just couldn't embarrass him like that. I sheared him.. Hubby was busy, I didn't want to wait for him to help hold him, next time I guess I will. Cuz Autie did not help me at all and he is well... lumpy! LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day. I am visiting a doll collector/dealer this week so I am excited to see what she has... and what I may help her sell. :0)

HUGS and -


Marilyn said...

I really look forward to these posts Michelle and a bouquet to the hubs for not whacking the possum! The goats are hilarious, just the funniest thing ever. And the snakeskin... eeeewwww!

Unknown said...

The possum looks evil, no way does he look cute! But what a sweet hubby you have, lovely man. The donkey line is amazing through the fence! Peter and Paul look like they're singing, aren't they funny, and his bangs are gorgeous. As for the snake skin - a nice new handbag on the way Michelle?!
Been to a summer fete, now resting with my feet up, a cup of tea and piece of cake.
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

Well at least you only found the skin. I have finding skins with the critter still in it! UH, I do not think even baby opossums are cute. And I think All babies are cute! Oh Dear Peter and Paul have got it bad. Naughty girls flaunting it right under their noses~ LOL.

Anonymous said...

That opossum is definitely ugly-cute & I'm glad your hubby set him free, but I also understand your worry about them bringing disease to your animals. It's not easy. And finding that snake skin would have freaked me out too! Love the photo of Peter & Paul, so funny.

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