Saturday, March 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - Delivering Donkeys

Howdy  -
Well earlier this week we delivered the two donkeys that were bought last Sunday. Marissa and Josephine now live in a new home. We are going to miss these two terribly. Marissa is just like her Mom Patti - Super Calm and Super Sweet. And Josephine has always been a favorite of Hubby's. His nickname for her "Little Bitty One" describes her well, she too is very sweet. I was surprised when he said yes he would sell her as they have a special bond. But we needed to sell... and with the couple that purchased these two girls we FOR SURE KNOW that they are going to be loved and spoiled. Heck Hubby and I discussed on the way home from delivering them that we wouldn't mind going and living on this property with the Marissa and Josie.. LOL gorgeous place and they have a huge 28 acre pen on a 785 acre place for them and on calf named Bosco... which they are not too sure what he is and if they want to get too close, but they will warm up in a few days I am sure!

Good news is that we have already been invited to visit again soon. :0)

Hopefully the baby that Patti is going to deliver anytime will be like her older sister Marissa!

Snapped a photo of Jolene yesterday - She is Josephine's Mom - When we first got Jolene I wondered if we would ever tame her down, and get to love on her ever. She was insane crazy! Tiny little thing, and kept escaping the pens and was nearly impossible to catch and get put back. But after time she warmed up to us, calmed down and now is one of the first to meet us for some hugs and rear end scratching. She is a gorgeous donkey, with that fabulous black nose! Josephine didn't get that nose...

But when we paired her up with Black Jack one of our Studs - we got Pepita... Wow... 

She is a cautious timid one, but man is she a looker! Actually is a clone of her Dad Black Jack in many ways. Well other than being a girl.. LOL Caught her yesterday scratching that beautiful black nose.

Speaking of generations ... Found these three enjoying some rare alfalfa!

 Paintbrush is one of the original 4 goats we purchased. She was years ago a show goat, and even has blue ribbon in her name. Lucy was in the quads with her very first group of kids for us. You may remember the quads... Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred... LOL I sold all the other three but couldn't let go of Lucy. Then a couple of years later Paintbrush had triplets... Rhett, Scarlett and Ashley. Ashley didn't make it he was so tiny and weak. But we kept Rhett and Scarlett and both those girls have given us stunning babies. Heck all of Paints kids and grandkids have been stunning! LOTS of COLOR!

Found Peso wanting his photo taken.

This buck is a total panic scaredy mess... but he loves to have his photo taken and loves to be talked to. Just don't step towards him to fast - or raise an arm without food in it, cuz he freaks and runs across the pen screaming... you know that high pitched I am not a brave man scream... LOL But we still love him and he too has helped produce some really pretty kids.

Well better run - Hubby is having some hay delivered anytime today - That is one reason everyone got Alfalfa yesterday - we ran out of coastal faster than normal with all the really cold weather we have been having and had to order in a truck load. So everyone got treated special to a feeding of "the good stuff"  Kind of like having Cake for dinner.... Feeding the coastal tomorrow is going to be loud here... they will want the good stuff again! LOL

Have a wonderful blessed day - and I will see you tomorrow for a Garden update!
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Carol Dee said...

Good the hear the girls got a good home and you have visiting rights! :) Hope your weekend is wonderful. hugs....

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Goodbye & good luck to Marisa & Josephine, sounds like they have a wonderful new home - great that you can go visit them.
Pepita is so cute & I love Peso's beard, he's a handsome chap.
Have a great weekend.