Saturday, March 15, 2014

Animal Crackers - SMILE!!


Snapped a photo of Chachi... and I am sorry if this guy doesn't make you smile I don't know what would!

I swear this guy smiles when I point the camera at him!! He is so darn sweet and funny! Chachi is one of our "left over" boys from a year ago. We didn't sell all our boys and I hate to take them to auction, so despite it isn't the best to have too many Bucks... we do and we love each one of them. Chachi has really become one of Hubby's little buddies. And seriously with a grin like that how could you not love him!

This is another photo  I caught that makes me smile. Until you have actually walked through one of our pens you really just understand the "attention" that you get.

The Ladies here were very happy to show some attention to Hubby yesterday evening. It was great watching him try and walk through with Angelina excited to help push him along and shove on him for some attention. Sometimes the only way to walk through is to hold their head... catch that tail she was really happy to see him. LOL

After Angelina calmed down he got away to see a few other girls.... here he was telling Sonia how much we love her and how adorable this little gal is. Full grown and she still is so small! Even when she isn't standing next to Juliet! LOL That girl loves her BFF's in the girl pen, I guess she will forever live with them - she has no idea she is an amazon next to them. She thinks she is just as little.

Snapped a few of the chickens yesterday - I have had to have a few talks with the gals in the coop. Their numbers have been down just a little. Time of the year I suppose. Yesterday the number was a bit better... But if they would stop playing in the mud and plucking each other's rear ends maybe they could focus more on egg productions! Check out those muddy feet and bare rear end....

The reds all have their feathers, but they too have been enjoying the mud puddle they create near their water -

 I think it has been awhile since I showed off Jill - She is a real looker and one of our first really sweet babies years ago.

Since then she has given us some really gorgeous kids and has become one of our favorite to breed. She has amazing horns. I have always told her that she has super model horns. Long sleek and thin. Well we have now found an issue with her beautiful horns... In all the head butting she does not have the bulk in her horns that most all the other gals have, and because of this... she keeps cracking her horns. Nature of goats - they break and crack their horns. Heck Frank is always knocking chucks off and he lives in a pen all by himself! But the girls have power struggles from time to time to claim rankings - and Jill gets in there and works hard for her rights... but those perfect horns take a real beating! Told Hubby we need some epoxy for bonding here!! But that wouldn't be good for her. So nature will just take its course...

Hope you got a smile with today's photos! I still keep giggling over Chachi's photo!
Have a beautiful Blessed day -
Hugs and


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I laughed out loud the second I saw Chachi, he is adorable! Love the donkey photos, it's only when you see them with Juliet that you realise how small some of them are, Sonia is a beauty. As is Jill, even with cracked horns. :) Have a great weekend.

Marilyn said...

Love these posts... it's like i am right there, snapping the pics with you. Chachi is a hoot... those eyes are amazing!

Carol Dee said...

I love that grin of Chachi's, He looks so sweet. They all sure love your DH. (With good reason, as I am sure he spoils EVERY one of them.) :) Hugs....

Redlady said...

Hi Michelle.
I was on such a downer feeling sorry for myself until I read your post.

The lovely smile on Chachi, the donkeys with hubby, the lovely muddy chickens and the goats had me laughing away.
Thank you so much. You're babies have cheered me up no end.

Helen said...

Love that smile; makes your day :-) Thanks for sharing lovely pictures again. Hugs, Helen