Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gardening Sunday - What a difference a week makes!!


Now I could start off by telling how great the seeds did this last week... but photos do show it off better!!!

The Cucumbers were the first to poke there leaves up! And man they are anxious to get going!!

But the Beans decided that they did not want to be left to far behind.

They were really fun to watch as they didn't poke out as fast but the dirt looked like it was moving and making large lumps then suddenly bam! They were out too.

Everything is growing great actually -

Hubby has heat lamps and heaters for the chilly nights and everything seems to be loving the new greenhouse!

We had even let the fruit trees spend some time in the greenhouse as we had a couple of nights that we froze again and I really didn't want to loose any of our blooms!

They are beautiful... but they also mean fruit!

We are so excited about all the plants. Hubby even bought some new stick thing that goes on the back of the tractor to dig up the soil. Yea I am really paying attention to terms and names of things aren't I? LOL WE have decided to make things larger in pen that we were planning for our garden and now we are going to spread out more - fruit trees need room and looks like we might have a high percentage of our seeds that want to move on to the "big garden"!!

If the weather is ok this next week Hubby hopes to start planting the fruit trees... I'll snap photos as "we" do. He rolls his eyes when I say "WE"... LOL

Have a blessed and wonderful Sunday!
HUGS and-

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Carol Dee said...

You are world ahead of use. (We just got 6 inches of snow and it will -11 tonight.) :( I do not recognize the fruit tree bloom. Do I see FRUIT on it already ?!?!
Happy Gardening. And, yes, my DH rolls his eyes when I say *We* too. LOL