Saturday, September 13, 2014

Animal Crackers - Attack of the Donkeys!

Howdy -

This week I got some cute photos while Hubby was unloading supplies for the barn he is building for the barn... you see cement sacks must really look like feed sacks to the girls -

They were very disappointed to find out it wasn't food and it wasn't for them. But a few head and rear end scratches and they were happy and back out grazing.

Snapped this cute one of Juliet...

She just loves showing off to the mini's how much taller she is and what she can do that they can't... she thought she was really special to rest her head on the side of the truck and listen to "Dad" talk to her.

Leticia was really determined that she was going to see what was going on and put her ears back and was making her way into the group of girls.

Patti is my slow and steady girl - hang back and see what is going on... don't stress yourself at all... And I love those expressive eyes. 

Totally in love with her!

Snapped a photo of the Heritage chickens having a meal - 

 Love all the color!! And you can really see how much larger Leon is than all the other girls. Problem is that he knows he is hot stuff... LOL

Well rain predicted for this weekend and we are hoping for a bit - Other than that lots of around the house chores... what is on your list to do this weekend hope something better than chores! LOL

Have a great one -
Hugs and -


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Lovely photos & Leon is most definitely a handsome chap. Hope you get rain, have a great weekend.

Carol Dee said...

Whoa, Leon is HANDSOME for sure! Do I see a barred rock in the food pan? Son has 10 of them.
I just love that photo of everyone hoping cement is good to eat. LOL. Have a great weekend. hugs to all...

K. Joy said...

I always love coming by to see your furry family! Juliet is such a pretty girl - you can tell in that picture where her full attention is! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us!

Helen said...

What a lovely pictures again; I am so in love with your donkeys - big hug to all of them.
Hugs, Helen