Saturday, September 6, 2014

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Afternoon


Lazy Afternoon here yesterday -

Lacey sure was sleepy... girl just couldn't stop yawning. Not the most lady like yawn there... LOL I think I yawned after seeing her...

Then I turned and found that Darlene was really out.. she was sound asleep! We need to be very quiet as at her age she needs her sleep.

 Oops I woke her up... time for some rolling and a little dirt bath!

 The girl loves her rolls in the dirt she was really going at it. LOL

Then Juliet starting approaching me. You have to be ready for her when she comes at you. She will knock you over with attention.

I have been telling you how dry it is here... and with Juliet dragging her feet you can really tell how much dirt she is kicking up! Girl pick up your feet!

Then my baby came to see me. I am just so in love with this guy. He has the absolute sweetest face...

What a heart-breaker! Just adore him! I know you have heard that before .. but really look at how sweet that face is!!! Won't be too long and he will be going in with the boys... that is when he looses his baby and will start getting tough.... I put it off as long as I can. :0)

Now this next one is a head breaker!!

Not just two were head butting, but three of them!  OH my it was SOOO loud. Just kills me when the boys are "playing" so hard. Really gives me a head ache! Those guys rare up and bang so hard! Ouch!

Then I had to get back inside to fold the load of laundry I got out of the dryer just before I went out....
Uh... hello?

 Warm laundry... just more than Gato could handle. Oh well I left her to enjoy it. Hey it was Hubby's laundry not mine so it was ok... LOL

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned - Hubby and I are hanging around the house. Nice calm weekend is in the plan. Let's see if it works out that way.

Have a great one - HUGS and-


Carol Dee said...

Aha Gato has the right idea. Love to snuggle into the warm from the dryer laundry, too. Yes Patrico looks so sweet. Hug him for me. Goodness now I am yawning ;) should not have looks ate Lacey's yawn again! LOL

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Yep, there's something very comforting about warm laundry. :) Great photo of Gato. Those photos of yawning & sleeping donkeys made me tired too, so I'm off to bed. Have a great weekend.