Saturday, October 25, 2014

Animal Crackers - Feathered and Furry Kids

Howdy -

Spent some time out with my chickens and goats yesterday evening. We were out in the far pasture with family yesterday morning and it would have been a great opportunity to snap some photos...... but some dork left her camera and her phone in the house. And never thought about it until we were walking back. oops. sorry... LOL but the goats and chickens need some time too.

First up I just have to show you how handsome Perrywinkle has become.

 He has gotten huge! And feathers go every direction on him. You should see when he puffs up and acts tough! All though Hubby says with a name like Perrywinkle he just can't be that tough. Still has his totally crooked beak, but as you can see by his size it hasn't slowed down his eating!

Him and his girlfriend Violet will be getting their own place soon, almost finished with it. He will love no longer having any men to compete with I am sure, as he isn't quite as aggressive as the other two . He just hangs in the background and enjoys life.

Violet his is girlfriend to be -

This girl has a strut like no other. She just knows she is good looking. LOL  She will puff up those cheeks and that head goes back and forth like she is on a runway! YOU GO GIRL! ha!

Speaking of beautiful - Little Miss Chica was looking just too cute last night so I had to snap a photo of her - Adorable -

We won't discuss that she was guarding dinner... growling as Libbie and Autie came for bites. They just ignore her, but it seems to make Chica feel in control to let them know that is her food too.

Control - That would be Chloe. This goat frustrates me to no end. There is only one reason she stayed and wasn't sold when little. She is really gorgeous and she gives me gorgeous babies now. Chloe believes that she is all mighty in the goat world. Won't let me touch her hardly ever, not sweet or friendly at all. Oh sometimes she almost comes to me and wants to be petted, but then she thinks about it for a half second and says no.

Chloe is getting pretty wide now, and even has a pretty big bag growing on her. I think she might be first to deliver her kids. Would love some red and white blue eyed girls this time from her! I usually show off her stunning ice blue eyes when I photograph her, but this shot really shows how sleek and long her horns are. Great handles when needed...

Crissy I think is going to move into Frank's bachelors pad real soon for some babies next Spring. She is old enough to start having some of her own too. She is so friendly and I would love more of those frosted babies. 

But Grace's kids... those are the ones I have waited for a few years for now. The day she was born I knew she was a future breeder for us and couldn't wait for her to be old enough. She is over three now, and was in with Frank (who is black with white spots and ice blue eyes) she was in with him for a couple of months and I was worried she didn't get bred before she got out. But she has started looking more pregnant the last week or so... fingers crossed!

One more shot for today... came in from taking pictures and Gato was seriously interested in my camera. Got a "close up" of her - 

 Yes I know a bit blurry, but she really wanted a close up today. And it is so rare to get her awake, interested and with her eyes open LOL.  And for those wondering... yes she is on my table. Not a practice that I like but when out of the house it is owned by her and well..... Cats tell you what they will and won't do. What can I say life is all about making sure the furry children are healthy and happy! Now she does know my kitchen is off limits... at least she runs when I come down the hallway and pretends... sigh.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday - hug an animal!
HUGs and-


Helen said...

Lovely pictures and great story, always love to read the animal crackers. Have hugged the doggies today,but I'll do that every day. Love it, they are always happy to see you ♡

Carol Dee said...

Great post, they look so happy and healthy. Uhh no I have not hugged the SMELLY dog today. Maybe after a bath!

Ellie Maggie said...

Perrywinkle and Violet are stunning! They're bound to make gorgeous chicks. Gato's face is adorable and yes cats own us, not the other way around! Ooooooh spring furry babies, can't wait, love them.