Saturday, October 11, 2014

Animal Crackers - Hello How Are You?


You know the movie Sahara... where the side kick guy always say "Hi, How Are Ya?" through out the entire movie. I love that. And that is how I hear Frankie's Voice when he is trying to get attention. LOL Can't you hear it?

"Hiiiii, How Are Ya?'

Love this guy... wish he didn't smell like he was dead already. But WOW things are rank in the goat pen with all the guys right now! Whew! But that face... even with the stink he is adorable. You see those dots right on the end of his nose? That is the safest place to scratch him. Anywhere else and you may have to remove your fingers to loose the smell!  Here he actually was apologizing for pulling his water line loose from the fencing... again... the boy gets bored and that sometimes leads to trouble.

Speaking of Trouble... LEON! The dude is king large in the Heritage pen. We are finally working on getting them into new pens soon. But Leon has really staked his claim and big guy on campus. And he is BIG!

Need to find a away to show you just how huge he is... Those are some really large meaty legs there! But he is safe... no roasting any of my kids.

The last few days I have been watching over Alice again. She was my sick little chick when we first got them. After lots of TLC she was fine and has been growing and is stunning... but Wednesday this week she sprained her foot or leg...

 Poor gal has been limping pretty bad. I can't really do much for her other than make sure she is still getting around, drinking and eating well. Took her favorite snack in the other night and purposely put it on the other end of the pen. She was right in the group after it and all though only on one leg was keeping up with her share of the corn and crackers.

Now Hubby wanted me to show off one of his new friends. He has been talking to and getting to know this little guy since he was barely big enough to jump.

  We love tree frogs here. And get excited when ever we find one. This guy has gorgeous coloring. A light grey green with dark highlights. He lives on and around the big Donkey's water bucket. Nice cool moist grass around the bucket you know.

Here he is listening and talking back to Hubby right at dark one evening.

Wanted to show off some doggie photos this week, and I snapped a few, but I was so embarrassed  over how horrible they look I just couldn't. Sweet little precious dogs... that rolled in something nasty. Not sure what. Had to run into town yesterday and get some shampoo for them and try and clean off the stink! If I didn't know better I would have thought that they had gotten in with the boy goats! PHwewe! LOL

Hope you have a great weekend planned - We are hoping to go see some good friends new baby! Can't wait!!!
HUGS and


Carol Dee said...

Franky looks like a Charmer. too!
Our tree frog are pretty close to your, just more gray in color. LEON looks big and boy is he HANDSOME!
Enjoy a relaxing weekend.

Helen said...

What an adorable face - love him. Great pictures again. Have a nice weekend. Hugs Helen