Saturday, October 18, 2014

Animal Crackers - Grazing for Attention


Earlier in the week I walked over to the neighbors pasture to visit my girls. They were all busy grazing finding all the little new grass coming up since our tiny bit of rain. Funny how just a little rain does so much! Look how they are all so focused on eating to even notice me... well all but one...

Little Miss Mirta - she always wants her head scratched and some attention.

Totally sweetie - we refer to her as obnoxious friendly, a little pushy and demanding if you don't give her attention. So we give in and spoil her.

Two more in the obnoxious friendly category  for sure would be Felicia and Lydia - They have become BFF's for sure.

Ellie Mae and Gabby are more moody.. sometimes they fall into the obnoxious and other times they will look up and say.. nah ain't worth it right now. Ellie Mae had just looked up to see "Dad" working.

And when I looked to see why she was so interested....

 My palms started sweating and I was freaked. He was fine heights don't bother him at all. Me.. oh yea. I told him how nervous I was and he rolled his eyes and said it was only 13 - 14 feet high. ONLY???  I don't like ladder or heights. Step ladders make me nervous. But then again we all know I am klutz.

He was putting the last of the the rafters at the top of the neighbors barn. He had a break for awhile, waiting for metal to come in, we had shows, then he was a little under the weather, but he is now back at it and says it will be weathered in by the end of the month. Then he can start on all the cosmetic things. Stalls - tack room - dutch doors for each stall and trim.

Hope you have a great weekend.
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Carol Dee said...

Everyone looks happy with the new grass. I love obnoxious friendly critters. :) I am right there with you about heights and klutzy! DH used to paint VERY high places. HE loved it. Go figure.

okienurse said...

beautiful babies! I love seeing the goats, chickens, and donkeys each week even if I don't leave a comment. Highlight of the Saturday morning! Heights are not my friend either...I tend to throw up then fall down...not a good combo! Have a great week. Vickie

okienurse said...

Blogger comment is having issues today. Several times I have tried to leave comments ant it tells me service is not available. whats up with that! I love coming by and reading about the fur babies and seeing what's up down south. I don't leave many comments but I read just about all the posts. Have a great week and stay cool! Vickie