Saturday, November 22, 2014

Animal Crackers - Details in Close Ups!

Howdy -

I have been really playing with the new camera. OH MY ... totally loving it! You may be seeing lots of close ups as I just am crazy about the details I am getting with them.

The doggies actually were sitting still and enjoying the wind right before a storm yesterday afternoon. So I snapped a few.. or hundred photos of my kids.

Wind was really blowing... Autie was a dirty mess from playing outside but still as always a handsome boy. 

Libbie was so sleepy and enjoying the wind and great temps. Heck I though about sitting down on the step next to her and enjoying for a while... LOL 

 Chica had found a not so wet place in the yard and was enjoying the brief sun.

Love this one of Orchid - wind was blowing her feathers up, but that detail in her face! She is a beauty!

Miss Jill  having a little afternoon hay -

Sweet girl. Hard time on her horns, but she is a love.

Only got one donkey this week. Girls had already moved over to the far pasture to be under the large tree for the showers. But the boys were finishing up their hay while it was dry.

Ramon was a mess from the rain earlier, but he is has such wonderful coloring. 

 Little bit of optical illusion that Peso was standing behind him... that grey body is not him. LOL

I am just having so much fun with my new camera... may even start looking into some fancy filters for some artsy photos... or not the natural photos are making me happy right now.

Weather channel is saying 100% chance of rain, and heavy storms today - But after seeing the snow up north I am ok with rain... wow looks so deep and cold! Tell me where you are what the weather is like where you are...

Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend - I will be indoors Spring Cleaning today... Late or Early how ever you would like to look at it. I just got going this week and now I might as well keep going!

Hugs and -


BethW said...

Had to pin Orchid! Your new camera is a delight for all of us. You are so right-the detail is mind blowing. Thank you so much for these incredible pictures. Hope you and yours have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Marilyn said...

Wow Michelle, those are fabulous pictures and it looks like a great camera. The pups look gorgeous... everyone does!

Linda w said...

Only a few inches of snow here so far. I hate snow. So glad I am not in Buffalo, NY. Packer country here. Your pictures with your new camera are fantastic. The details are so amazing...

Carol Dee said...

Here in Eastern IA today was a lovely sunny 50 degrees. Perfect after a week of really cold temps. Tomorrow it is to rain .
those are some great photos. Glad you are liking your new camera.

Helen said...

Wow Michelle, this camera is really good, your pictures are even more awesome as before. Love the details on the pics of the doggies. The weather here is nice, sunny and today about 15 degrees (celsius) and it is almost december. We saw some cabriolets driving with the top off, enjoying the nice sunny weather. Good luck with the cleaning ♡♡♡ an d big hugs for the furry friends 😙