Sunday, November 30, 2014

Say Hello to Abigail!


Well Annie was first! Yesterday late afternoon she decided it was the right time to bring her little one into our world. Yep... as big as she was she only had one little girl. She is a beautiful big girl. We named her Abigail -

She was only an hour or so old here - You know I will show off lots of adorable photos as she puffs out and is dry bouncing around. Hopefully the other Mom's to be will take this as a hint that it is time and have theirs real soon so Abigail has some playmates! 

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday!
HUGS and -


soaringeagle said...

Oh my gosh, what a punkin. She is just adorable.

~* Jay Jay *~ said...

She is just the cutest ♥. Welcome little Abigail!

Jay Jay

Carol Dee said...

OMG She is ADORABLE. I love her coloring. It does not look like she has blue eyes. (When can you tell eye color?)

Helen said...

She's way too cute. Hugs

MichelleO said...

It is what it is Carol. What they are born with is their color. Abigail's is brown. I just tell her she has so much cute that blue eyes would have been too much. Lol