Saturday, November 1, 2014

Animal Crackers - A few favorite Re-Runs

Howdy -

Ok, today I am going to be showing you old photographs. I was going through some of my older photos... some of my favorites. I can blame the re-runs on a few things. Camera is acting up. Hubby and I are looking at buying a new one, I just hate to as I love my camera. But it seems it only after almost a decade it has become old and a dinosaur compared to the new cameras out there and working on it just is as crazy as spending money on ... VCR. I could blame re-runs on just simply thinking about how many adorable babies we have had and getting all emotional cuz the photos are just too sweet... but the emotions may be a little higher than normal due to the fact that I forgot my hormone pill the past couple of days....  Anyway my camera and my emotions are showing off old photos today......

Tradition is day one photos with "Dad" as we all know... this is one of my all time favorites.

 Ok so Hubby is looking into the sun and has a grouchy face... and it is before he cut off his moustache. But I totally love the look on Lacey's face... Those eyes crack me up. It is like "Hey I just spent how many hours in labor and cleaned her all up and now you are taking her and getting a cute photo?? Uh no not with out me!!" All time favorite day one photo!!!

 Sweet photo favorite... I guess it is because it is Macie and her baby Sonia...

 Macie and her babies are always super super shy and sweet. Slower and cuddly! Sonia was a tiny tiny baby and she has become a very small little lady now that she is all grown up. Still has her Mom's big eyes.

I have a million adorable photos of puppy Chica - She was and still is so adorable in photos. This one was so funny cuz she climbed WAY up on the tree and then freaked out and barked until I helped her down as it was just high up you know!

Chica now all grown up has springs in her feet and can jump up on anything she would like.

Hank has to be our all time cutest baby goat and that is saying something! We have had LOTS of really adorable goats born here. But Hank was a bit small - actually really really small.... You see he was part of quads. Here is standing next to his brother Bobby. Yes born same day to the same mom in the same group. Bobby and Hank's sisters were normal sized... not quite as large as Bobby, but much much larger than Hank - 

He would ride around in the pocket of my jacket... totally cutie! Still is, just larger and stinky now!

Now this has to be one of my all time favorite photographs of one of the goats.

Is that enjoying the afternoon sun happy face or what. I wish I could be that calm and enjoy the sun once in a while.

Sorry again for the re-runs.... Hopefully I can find a new camera that I like as much as my faithful old one....

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday -


BethW said...

I love the reruns! Been most remiss lately in thanking you for making my Saturday's one of the best days of my week. Seeing your fur babies always makes me smile-thank you for all the time and effort you put into this for us.

Carol Dee said...

I love the reruns, thanks for the smiles.

PaperSunshine said...

Awww sweet pictures :) I enjoyed them! Good luck in your new camera hunting!

Lori K.