Saturday, November 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - New Focus!

Howdy -

Well Momma Got a New Camera! And wow what a difference! Still trying to figure out how it all works. Totally amazing how much things have improved since I got my last camera oh about 10+ years ago. Smaller, easier to hold, and the zoom... wow! I got a Sony Cybershot with the 20.4 Mega pixels and the 50X zoom. That zoom is really going to be awesome out here on the farm for photos across the pastures. A million different settings but I will figure it all out in the next decade before I have to get a new one.

Here are some of my first photographs out of the box...

Grace and I have been having a few discussions this last week. You see she is suppose to be very pregnant. And some days I think she is. And other days I worry she isn't. First time Mom so I just don't know for sure as usually they only have one and they don't show as much as a Mom that has a few kids. Yesterday was a worry day. She just isn't showing a bag and not as large as I think she should look. I think she is faking the entire pregnant thing to get extra feed and mineral block. You think here she is telling me "Really I am...  More feed please"  Well if we have nothing in a few more weeks she will go back in with Frank and we will try again. This girl will give me gorgeous babies no matter how many times we have to try!

Tried another close up... 

But I don't think Sam was liking the noise on my camera too much. That was a look of You better not come any closer don't you think?  Handsome man... cautious... but handsome!

Then I tried out the zoom... Darlene was all the way across the pen from me. 

Love this girl so much. I say girl loosely. So hard to believe this lady is getting really close to the 30 year old mark. She is so loving and wonderful and looking better and healthier than she has in years. The no babies for a while and eating fresh green grass since we have had rain last spring as been wonderful.

Then I found a little boy trouble going on in the goat pen. These boys love to play king of the pen. Show off their testosterone a bit. Here Alex is getting a good upper hit on Chuck.

 Need to video this one day if you have never heard the hits these boys make it would amaze you how hard they go at it.

But don't worry about Chuck... he got the very next good hit -

Gives me a headache just watching these guys!

Doesn't seem to bother Ted E. Bear... he just got a bit of a itch...

Our standard Ted. He is just the sweetest big lug nut in the world. But when you have a itch.. you have to scratch ! That fence was wiggling all over the place. 750lbs does damage when put to work. 

Hope you enjoyed today. Will keep working on learning the things this new camera will do and see what we can get next week.

Have a great day and make sure to hug a furry friend! 
HUGS and-


BethW said...

Wow-I always thought your pictures were fantastic-but these our incredible. WTG-I am loving it. You can almost count the whiskers on the goats. Have fun with your new "toy".

Carol Dee said...

Great photos. Love the closeups.

JoanieMc said...

Awesome pics!! Love your blog, always looking forward to the next one. Hugs, great job.

okienurse said...

WOW I need to invest in a new camera now! LOve all the pictures but the picture of Sam is fantastic and worthy or a prize. Love the depth of field and the markings on his feathers is awesome. Is his cowl (?) actually so fluffy little feathers or is it a camera trick. Awesome photos! Your others were great too but...I need a new camera.

Helen said...

Your photos are awesome, good thing this new camera ♡. We can now almost feel the fur of your sweeties. Enjoy and learn ( I still am learning , got a new one this spring). Have a great weekend. Big hugs, Helen

PaperSunshine said...

New camera is awesome! Your pictures are really are great. Thanks for posting my favorite of your bunch - Ted E Bear. I have always loved his eyes. The goats, oh my -makes you wonder how their brains are after all this hitting lol! Boys ;) have a good week!
Lori K.

Carolina F. said...

Great pictures of your animals.