Saturday, March 14, 2015

Animal Crackers - Cat in the Hats


Found some great vintage hats at an estate sale a while back... asked Hubby to bring in the box so I could go through them and see about pricing and selling them at a future show. Came around the corner and found that someone had claimed the box as a nice cushy bed... Cat in the Hats .. or should I say "Gato" in the Hats -

She was so cute how could I get upset with her - did run and get my camera before I made her get out... 

This week has been all about Moxie - making sure she isn't roaming off looking for Nally. Man we are really missing Nally. And we don't want Moxie to head off somewhere looking for her. She has been doing just as I hoped, and staying close to home. Hubby has been mowing A LOT due to all the rains the clover, grass and weeds have gone insane, so he has been out mowing... Moxie has been following him from pasture to pasture and then back home. Thrilled with that.

Here I caught a little bit of her funny grin when I called her name. 

She has been receiving lots of belly rubs too... only one of the three siblings that did enjoy that.

Now that she is the only one here now she is taking lots of advantage to getting even more of them.

Hank was really enjoying the mowing yesterday afternoon - all that cut grass was just flying into his pen... no biting off required all the guys were just eating away - not too much though as that might give them upset bellies... LOL 

Here is a shot of Black Jack --- longing for the girls in the pasture just a bit away from him. We make sure there is a good space between them. Other wise I think Jack might figure out a way to get through. This is far enough to watch and call out to but not touch!

Man you can really see how lush and green things are!

Chicks are probably going to move outside onto the porch today. They have gotten SO BIG this week.

Will keep a heat lamp on them at night but the weather is so nice and warming up so they need to move out to the fresh air... they got in their tail feathers this week, and now their body feathers are coming in. Looked like little porcupines one morning then by afternoon they were better looking.  I have been calling them my little giraffe chicks. Kills me how far they can stretch those little necks.. LOL

Here one of them is giving me a look... I think it is "Get that camera out of my face please!"

 Hope you enjoyed this week - Feels like Spring is about here. Trees are budding out and things are green. I am so ready for winter be over. Animals are too -

Have a great weekend - HUGS and

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Carol Dee said...

Moxie seems to really love the extra attention. I am glad she is staying close to home.
What breed are the new chickens? I am sure you said, but I forget.
WOW is it ever GREEN there. We should start greening up here. Snow is mostly gone, days in the 50's and 60's. :)