Saturday, March 28, 2015

Animal Crackers - Mirta and Lydia say Goodbye

Howdy -

This week we had a couple call to come see the donkeys. Just to see if they were interested. 30 minutes later they wanted Mirta and Lydia to go home with them. They didn't bring their trailer so they had to come back to get them. I think that is almost harder. You know the slow band aid pull. But we were able to harness them up and get them ready and say our goodbye - Mirta was really having a hard time with her split from her family and BFFs -

 Once we got her harnessed and out of the pen - she wanted really bad to go back in. Not a happy girl.
Mirta was on our NO SALE list. But this lady really fell for her and I know she will be spoiled rotten.  And honestly... Hubby says no more babies until we thin the herd a bit. So we decided to let her be sold.

And how could you not fall in love with this face and want to take her home? 

When it came time to pick a second as Mirta's buddy... she wanted brown or grey.  And at that moment.. Lydia pushed up against the lady and forcing some petting. Sold... Lydia has since day one been a sweet slow loving girl. Mirta.. not so much on the sweet slow. More like pushy insistance. 

I think the pair of them will make two great pets for this new family. So very sad myself. But happy that this lady and her grandchildren will be spoiling my girls for years to come.

After they were loaded up and drove away to cheer myself up I went to do some loving on a few other kids. Found these three looking right at me and they seemed to be interested in some attention.

Three good looking guys don't you think? LOL Handsome and adored. We ended up moving around their pens and letting them into a new area for a while after the love fest. Why mow down the grass when they are happy to take care of it for us?

Just before dark we walked to the back of the barn to see  a family of Turkey's we were hearing. Missed the photo sorry... But WOW take a look at our back pond and all the gorgeous Indian Paintbrushes growing!!

 This pond hasn't had much water at all if any the past few years. Drought and all. But now it is totally full! Frogs are loud in the evening. Hoping maybe some ducks might drop by. Front pond is still not holding water. Must have cracked in the drought so now it will need some work before it will hold any water. It will just go on the long list of things to work on.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Should be nice weather here - so hopefully some outdoor plans around here.

Have a great one! HUGS and


Martinas Welt said...

What a beautiful picture! Here we hardly have any flowers yet...spring is on the way and the first spring flowers are showing up....but most of them not blowing yet. And it is cold and rainy it waill take some more time I guess...
It is always sad to say Good Bye to your beloved animals and especially if one if them is not on the sell list!! :( I hope the two will have a lovely new home!

Marilyn said...

Hard to let them go but it has to feel good knowing they are going to a great home. People who love animals are the best people in the world!

Carol Dee said...

Sad for you, wonderful for Mirta and Lydia. The pond is BEAUTIFUL. Love all the paintbrush there.