Saturday, March 21, 2015

Animal Crackers - Goat Close Ups and Learning to Jump!!

Howdy -
This week has been an up and down with the weather - gorgeous, then cloudy and wet. Good and then nasty. Sigh... but today is the first full day of Spring. Things have to be leveling out... right? Started seeing wild flowers - and the trees are starting to leaf out. The animal love the nice sunny days and I love getting shots of them totally relaxed and content.

Scarlett is getting pretty wide... wonder how many kids she will have? But right here she was just enjoying laying on top of one of the huts enjoying the sun.

Such a beautiful girl - love her coloring -

Speaking of up on top of the huts!!! Lizzy has it all figured out!

She now can follow Mom up when ever she wants... and she is so so proud! ok, now she is still having trouble laying down and understanding what it takes to stay in place and not slide down. But she is getting it. Now her little sister Jackie... she is still on the ground just a bit smaller so it take a little longer to get the jumping and making it. She will get too though!

Another close up - Love Miss Sandy -

She always looks like she is smiling to me. Is that long eye lashes or what? Pretty gal!

 Vera was enjoying chewing  here... slow and from side to side. Pretty coloring on this girl, but didn't get any babies from her after being in with Frank. Hopefully next time she will "take".

 We were standing out the other afternoon, cloudy and drizzling. We heard a noise - off in the distance. And getting closer.

We think they were Sand Hill Cranes - They were amazing to sit and watch. They flew around our property for over and hour. They would disappear and then here they would come again. There were so many of them. And they were so high.. it was pretty hard to zoom in and focus on them.

They were so graceful -

Love to watch birds - don't you? And I did forget to up date our birds - The little Chicks - They have moved into the larger hut out on the back porch. They are growing like crazy. Thinking in just a couple of weeks more and then they will move into a cage in the chicken coop. Looking forward to that as they are driving Miss Libbie insane watching them so much. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Rain again today so no much needed outside work. Darn... I am thinking a great day for movies and coloring! How about you? What you up to today?

HUGS and - 


Carol Dee said...

Your goats always look so content! I bet it is a riot watching them learn how to jump up and stay on the huts.

Ellie Maggie said...

Those cranes look like they were a wonderful sight for you both. Beautiful goats but Miss Scarlett wins the beauty contest for me! That colouring is stunning, can't wait to see her babies. Keeping warm out of the cold in UK this weekend x