Saturday, March 7, 2015

Animal Crackers - ups and downs

Howdy -

Well another roller coaster week here on the farm. Highs and Lows - Ups and Downs as that is normal for us I guess. Started off on a up - we got new chicks this week... Hubby and I stopped at the feed store earlier in the week. Normally if it is just a pick up bags of feed  (BORING)  I stay in the truck and catch up on my reading... facebook usually... As Hubby got out of the truck I looked up and saw a giant sign "New Chicks Here Now" - I looked at Hubby and he shook his head. I jumped out and said I am just looking....

 We got inside to the chicks and they had some gorgeous breeds... mainly they had Australorps... one of the breeds we knew we wanted to get more of. You see we have come to the conclusion that the chicks we got last year from a private seller... well I don't think they were the best chickens. Of all the chickens we bought... we only have 5 left. And now yesterday we found the Lavendar is sick and I don't think she is going to make it. All my other chickens the Reds and Wyandottes are healthy and fine. I have been so depressed about all of the Heritages...  But I have learned a lot about buying chicks and know what to look for. Mainly... active and clean. Well these new chicks are active and clean. And before I could start the look and the pout... Hubby was asking for a box and telling me we should get at least 6 for now. I have such a wonderful Hubby....

These little ones are so amazing. Most active and responsive that we have had. I can't believe how much they have grown in just a few days.

Cute - Cute - Cute!

I guess I need to before I go much further let you know the down this week. As I am sure you are wondering. It is a real low. We lost one of our outside doggies... A true happy spirit. Nally died this week. We really don't why -

We just found her in her bed on the porch. No wounds - No injuries. We did notice that she didn't eat her dinner the night she died. Not totally out of the normal for her as some evenings a large rabbit does fill her up. We think she got into something poisonous. But don't know. I miss her so much. That dog was always happy - always. Now we are paying real close attention to her sister Moxie to make sure she is ok, and other than looking and barking for her sister she seems ok. But she has never been with out Nally... So She has been getting lots of love this week. Not that they didn't before - WE will Miss Nally horribly -

Ok before I start bawling again... lets talk about something cute and happy -

A few of the baby goats. Or as Hubby has been calling them "Knot Heads" -

LOL Doc, Man oh Man he is going to be one stunning Buck. Handsome and Sweet what could be better?

I called out to one of my bottle babies ... Jackie. Love that this girl always comes running to me when I call her name. :0) She was screaming out and running full pace to me. Love that!

You can see that she is a little Knot Head can't you? Those little horns are coming in on her. Adorable.

Her Sister Lizzy is just as adorable. And love to come running as well. But she has really put on a little gut this last couple of weeks... not sure why as there had been no bottle feeding for the past two weeks. I guess she is filling out on grass and Mom more than normal. If she don't stop chowing down may have to put her on Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers or something...

 I was kind and didn't show her belly from the back - she has really pooched out! But with that grin and those little Knots - she is precious!

Hope you have a nice weekend planned. And that the weather is nice where you are. Here today is suppose to be gorgeous... but tomorrow will be an indoor day. So we will enjoy today! :0)

Hugs and -


PaperSunshine said...

Ahh goodness, I am so sorry! I know how heartbroken you are, hugs and prayers for you! I am glad your hubby was on board with the chicks! Interesting about the other chickens and yes a learning experience, you gave them a great home and they were lucky to have a nice life with you :)

Doc is gorgeous! His coloring is beautiful. Not to say the two girls you posted arent, they have pretty coloring too but he does stand out. So glad the cold weather and snow is over and we are looking towards warmer weather this week! Flowers will be coming out soon, wont they? Enjoy your post as always and once again so sorry, hugs!

Lori K.

Carol Dee said...

Grandson was here when I visited. He likes HIS Barred Rock chicks better! LOL. I say they are all adorable. :)
Sorry to hear about Nallie, I know you will miss her as much as you missed Niner before her. Moxie will be your only outdoors dog now?
The goats are so cute. They always looks so HAPPY.
Sending hugs... Carol Dee