Saturday, April 18, 2015

Animal Crackers - Country Drive, Longhorn, Bluebonnets

Howdy -

A little different this week. Honestly we were gone all day Thursday and Friday and the rain has been so heavy that when we would get home the sun was setting and the mud was deep, so there are no photos of my furry kids this week. No one was excited to have their photo taken it is just too wet and nasty. So I thought today I would show off some photographs I took on a little day trip Hubby and I took out on a country road earlier in the week.

First up was a field that we say each day we traveled to our Round Top Red Barn Antique show first of the month. This field was full of Bluebonnets and Longhorn cattle. So when driving to see some old houses Hubby wanted to look at I asked to stop and shoot some photos. There were not near as many wildflowers left in the field but it still is really pretty!

 They are so amazing to watch - and with the grass so green and lush with all the rain, and then the vibrant wildflowers - so peaceful. There is nothing like the Texas Landscape in Spring with all the wildflowers. Just wish I could have snapped two weeks ago when the field was solid!

This one shows a few more,  and more Longhorn -

Loved the horns on this one!

And this little one caused me to stay a while longer. He was so funny to watch. Was bouncing and throwing his head up and down. Happy dude!

And then to one of the main reasons for our little day trip holiday. Hubby has been wanting to stop and take a closer look at this Original Dogtrot House -

Part of some of the historic homes brought in and found in the center of Round Top Texas - this is the Moores Fort of 1831. Part of Austin's Colony in 1823, the Moore Family built this hose in 1831, and was a founder of La Grange Texas.

Seeing this house was cool for two reasons. We have been doing some family history research for Hubby and have found that his family was also part of this same group and more than likely knew teh Moore family as their land was very close together and both listed in many histories together.

 Hubby has really been wanting to recreate a historic looking building on our property. Making it an Antique shop on the farm. This is what he would love to recreate. Would make a really awesome shop don't you think?

Right now it is just talk, but someday in the future we hope he can schedule out the time to take on the dream. Now he is helping two family and friends in building and fixing up their houses. Plus the farm, plus the antiques, plus the ... yea he has lots of spare time right now. 2-3 am I am seeing. Soon though.... sigh.

Sorry for missing the critters - really though nothing to see at all when I tried. Donkeys in barn hiding from rain, goats in their huts as they seriously could melt. And then wet dogs.... Autie did get his first haircut of the season. Poor guy really does have thick long hair. So I took it on and gave him his first puppy cut, he will need another before summer. But he feels so much better now. And once he gets a bath I will snap a photo - he is adorable in his puppy look.

Well hope you have a beautiful weekend where you are. Really is amazing to take a day and just drive the country roads and enjoy the outdoors sometimes. Hope you can soon! Was a wonderful relaxing day for us.

Have a great one!
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Jennifer Scull said...

oh sigh... your beautiful photos make me miss my home state of Texas. nothing can beat it in the spring time, can it? all of those lovely bluebonnets blooming every direction you turn.... and the majestic Longhorns. you have captured them so well in your photos. thank you for this trip down memory lane! :)

it's been over 20 years since I've been back, so this was wonderful. loved seeing the dog trot house, too. nothing at all like that up here in Ohio, but then again, every area has its specialties.

enjoy your weekend! and thanks again. :)

Carol Dee said...

Oh my, I love the photos of the bluebonnets and the long horn cattle. That little one is ADORABLE. The *dog Trot* house is cool. I think it would be the perfect look for an antique shop in TX country!

Ellie Maggie said...

So lovely to see a different view of Texas life, both now and from the past. What was the significance of a "dog trot" house please? A replica one would be just perfect as an Antiques shop on your land. We had good temperatures in UK last weekend, but we're 14/15C this week and sunny. Have a good week x