Saturday, April 11, 2015

Animal Crackers - Growing up and Happy

Howdy -

They just grow up to fast.... I basically missed seeing my chicks the first week in April. At the Round Top antique show and left before the sun came up and was home after it set. So this last week I have been going out and just sitting and watching them. They have gotten so big!

They are still a bit in their ugly chick age - but they are getting in their permanent feathers. They are so funny learning and running around the bigger coop now.

Here they were learning how to balance on the pole.

They pretty much have that down and do well sleeping up there. Once in a while someone panics and a few of them fall off... it is a learning curve.

Doris is my only adult chicken in the middle pen with the chicks. We have been calling her our baby sitter. All though that first couple of days she was running around trying to peck at them. But then she realized they were ok.

I know I have said this many more times than just once.... But I am so in love with Doc -

Not only totally handsome, melt your heart blue eyes. He is just the sweetest friendliest little guy. Love that guy!

Found one of the standards near the house grazing on the very fast growing grass. So much rain that Hubby is having a very hard time keeping up the mowing. Cocoa is doing her part to help mow it down.

 She is so peaceful. Calming to watch her graze, especially when it is so green and pretty.

Had someone ask me about Miss Moxie - how she is doing now that she is the only outside farm dog we have.

So she is smiling to let you all know she is doing great. Doesn't roam much at all... staying in view of the house 99.9% of the time. She is getting tons of extra lovings, special breakfast each day and plenty of "cookies". Yes she is being spoiled rotten. And we just love doing it.

Thought I would share a photo of our front pasture. Been a while since we have had it fill in with so many wildflowers.

The Indian Paintbrush have been so brilliant this year. And until these are done and gone to seed there won't be any mowing the front pasture! Sorry for the gray photo... had nearly 1.5 inches of rain just before I snapped this. But wanted to share them while they are still so bright.

Hope you have flowers growing where you are - and some furry critters to love on!
HUGS and -


TA Carbone said...

Michelle are you still getting eggs everyday?

Carol Dee said...

I love todays post.
The paintbrush are stunning even on a cloudy day.
So glad to hear Moxie is doing well. Love her smile. ;)
Can you believe it ... you are ahead of us in RAIN amounts?!?!
Is Doris a Barred Rock?
Finally we are seeing some early bloomers and grass is greening.
hugs to all.... Carol Dee