Saturday, April 4, 2015

Animal Crackers - Handsome Hank and more

Howdy -

Had a few more photos from last week that I didn't get to share. And great photos of Hank are always a favorite of mine - and need to be shown off!

This man is so sweet - and I think he likes to have his photo taken. Heck he had it taken enough as a baby I guess my camera is just the normal for him.

But seriously... he was one of the cutest babies...

 OH what am I saying they are all adorable. My heart just melts with some of the special ones. Like little Miss Jackie... Found her the other day napping under one of the spool tables.

One of the Guinea Girls looking for bugs or whatever they peck at for snacks.. all their new feathers are fully in now and really are beautiful. The feathers...  That head. Well we love them.

The Chicks have been outside on the back porch for over a week now. I am thinking this weekend they will go in a larger cage in one of the chicken pens. Safe and split from the adult chickens, but learning them and they then can be let into the pen. I will just be thrilled to have them off the porch. Libbie has so much stress worrying about them. - LOL

Still in a bit of ugly chicken teenage time. But not far off from their colors and pretty stuff to start growing -

 Hope you enjoyed - Have a wonderful blessed weekend!
HUGS and-


Martinas Welt said...

Hank acts like a model...just look at his head and the expression in his face =) beautiful photo!!

Anonymous said...

Texas Cropper said...

Thanks for sharing your animals with us. I always enjoy seeing them.

Carol Dee said...

Well, Hank was a darling baby and is now a VERY Handsome man.
I think the black and white guinea fowl feathers are super cool. But they do have ugly mugs. LOL
Have a wonderful Easter.